Saturday, April 25, 2015

Children's Bodices

From the seller:

A nice group of 1860’s children’s bodices. The first bodice is made of printed cotton. The fabric has a pink and purple floral pattern on a light blue background. The bodice is trimmed with ruffles. The armscyes, center panel and hemline are all piped. The bodice is lined with cotton. It is in good condition. There is some color loss and a few pea size age spots. Shoulders 12 Bust 22 Waist 20. The second bodice is made of blue and white pinstripe silk. It has short cap styled sleeves. The neckline, yoke and sleeves are decorated with burgundy trim. It is lined with cotton and has a back hook and eye closure. The neckline, armscyes and waist are piped. Shoulders 13 Bust 23 Waist 23. It is in good condition. There is a dime size age spot on the front of the bodice. The third bodice is made of light red printed cotton. It has short cap sleeves that are trimmed with white cotton braiding. It is in good condition. There are a couple of light colored pea size age spots. The bodice is unlined and has a back button closure. Shoulders 8 Bust 20 Waist 20.

From Me:

Although I think the red one is 1860's, I think the other two are 1850's.

Both the above fashion plates are from 1857. The first one shows several dress bodices with that V-shaped front similar to the white bodice. The second fashion plate shows a sleeve very similar to the white bodice as well.

Northern European 19th Century Bodice

From the seller:

This rare and beautiful piece is a family heirloom. It is European in origin (Germany or Austria) and Victorian in style. The brass fittings and attached brass hooks are highly ornate. There is gold stitching with gold toned metal intertwined. The bodice is hand stitched and there is boning throughout. There are stains and other signs of age, but this piece looks amazing and is very rare. It is 27" from hook to hook, but they are meant to be laced, so I am assuming the size is somewhat adjustable, but it is small. It measures 14" from top to bottom. It is heavy for how small it is because of all the materials put into the fabrication. NICE!

From Me:

I'm honestly not sure what decade this fulls under. I'm pretty sure it's the second half the 19th century, but just not which part of it. The brass fittings look almost turn of the century - and the underarm guards were VERY popular then (they existed before that, of course, but there are patents for designer underarm guards in the 1890's). The lace - I'm mostly sure- is 18th Century. I have no idea what's up with that jut in the middle of the back. None. The construction looks like a mix of new and old - which isn't surprising- maybe 1860's/1870's?

If anyone has any insight onto a possible decade, please let me know!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Romantic Era Stays

From the seller:

These are two handmade early 19th century corsets belonging to Amanda M. Ferry. The Ferry's lived in N. Conway, in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

The first corset, shown on the form, is made of a crisp, medium weight cotton, perhaps meant for the spring and summer months. There is a signature near the top in front: "A M Ferry, No. 7". It has bone grommets, a slot for a busk. cording around the grommets. The second is made of a heavier, more substantial homespun style cotton, this one perhaps for wear in colder weather. It has thread grommets, a busk slot, a faint signature at the bottom, "Amanda M Ferry". There could also be a number given below this, as in the first corset, it's very faint, however. I would date these to about 1840, looking at the slightly "spoon" shaped waist.

Both corsets were made for a very small young lady. The first corset, the lighter cotton, measures 25 3/8" around the bust, 21 3/8" around at the waist, it's 15 3/4" long in front. The second, heavier corset is 27" around at the bust, 22" at the waist, it's 15" long in front.

Both corsets are strong, with no holes or weak areas. The heavier one has medium overall foxing, or discoloration. The lighter is still crisp, but also has overall light age or storage discoloration. The laces are replacements.

From Me:

You start to see the rounded front (rather than straight across the hips) as early as the 1820's.  I think the one on the hanger is maybe 1820's/1830's.  It's hard to tell, honestly.  The one on the dress form is definitely 1840's though - those shoulder straps!

Turn of the Century Young Miss Summer Dress

From the seller:

You are bidding on a beautiful Edwardian cotton lingerie dress.

This dress has lace details at the hem, cuffs, and bodice and still has its original silk ribbons.

20" waist; 32" bust; 52" total length.

Very good condition with: one repair under one arm; a missing button on the back at the waist; minor yellowing, etc.

Please look carefully at the photos.

From Me:

Although that V ruffle bodice thing (technical term!) was more poplar in the 1890's, it still existed in the early 1900's. The sleeves are more Edwardian so I'm going to agree with the seller.

Early Teens Era Summer Dress With Purple Details

From the seller:

A super cute antique Victorian, Edwardian house dress that's made on a lightweight linen with a tiny floral print with plum color squares. The dress has a tiered skirt ~ a white lace edged collar and cuffs ~ a tuck pleated white yoke with pearl button detail on the sides ~ plum color edging ~ a sash that wraps around the waist and fastens with snaps ~ snap closures on the shoulder, down the side of the bodice and partway down the skirt.

VINTAGE ~ ~ Victorian, Edwardian


FABRIC ~~ linen ~ fabric is sound and strong.

MEASUREMENTS ~ ~~ 47" length, 16 1/4" shoulder to waist, 36" bust, 25" waist, free hip 46", 15 1/2" across the shoulder seams, 18" sleeve length.

CONDITION ~~ I couldn't find any wear in the fabric at all, looks like it was unworn but it does have some spotting like shown in the last photo. The dress is otherwise in excellent antique condition.

From Me:

Not a house dress - you would have worn this to anywhere we'd wear a jeans and a nice blouse today.

The neat thing about this dress is how, although it looks simple, it really has a lot of detail in it. It only gets prettier the more I look at it. This with a lavender colored slip beneath it?

I'm thinking about 1912/1913 for this one.

1890's Black and White Jacket

From the seller:

CIRCA l;ate 1800's-1900, a luxurious silk and wool jacket with a wide collar ,pockets and cuffs all heavily embroidered with beadwork flowers. Stern Brothers opened in 1867 and was one of the most fashionable shops in New York. They carried the best of French and European fashions and replaced many of the labels with their own label.This jacket is beautifully made , the silk is luminous, the embroidery very fine.All the edges of the jacket are embellished with further embroidery at the back of the jacket.The jacket does not seem as if it was worn muuch at all.

Item Measurements:

Apprx. almost 28" long,

shoulder to shoulder apprx. 12"

around collar 16-17"

18" across chest

apprx.8" across armhole

Item condition:

In very good condition.there is some wear at the back of the plain part of collarone small stain on front.a few missing beads,MINOR and a few tiny loose metallic threads.Jacket needs to be cleaned .All items we list need to be cleaned.

From Me:

1897, image taken from

Rather than a zig zag front like in the Fashion plate above, the extant has a turned back collar. However, the length and overall shaping look to be about the same.