Friday, January 20, 2017

1770's Men's Outfit Pinstripes!

From the seller:

Rarely Found Offered On The Open Market

Acquired From A Private Collection Deaccession

Original Unaltered Condition

Three Piece Construction, Sewn All By Hand

Fashioned of a Brown Striped Silk

The Breeches With Fall Front, Lined In Flannel Inside

Waistcoat Buttons Closed With Covered Thread Buttons, Flares In Points At The Outer Hips, Would Lace Closed Up The Rear, The Cord Not Original

The Court Coat Falls Long, Covered Buttons Trim Front As Well As The Turned Up Cuffs

The Breeches Have Missing Buttons, The Metal Buttons Seen Are A Replacement. The Inner Jacket Was Relined In The Early 19th C, Linen Label In The Lining. There Is A Large Water Stain On The Inner Lining Only, Not Seen From The Outside. Minor Edge Fray At Breeches Waist With Several Small Brown Stains. Shirt Not Included.

It Is So Rare To Find These Early Suits Complete And In Such Pristine Condition As This. Could Be Worn If So Desired, Not Recommended.

Measurements In Inches

Court Coat:
Chest: 36
Waist: 34
Center Rear Length: 44
Shoulders: 15
Sleeve Length: 24

Waist Coat:
Chest: 40
Length In Front: 31

Waist: 34
Inseam: 14
Outseam: 27

From Me:

I was originally hesitant to post this one until I read the description - I knew the metal buttons weren't right at all. There were other alterations that made me think this was more likely a really amazing Victorian Fancy Dress type outfit but the seller's explanation makes perfect sense. So, yes, it really is 1770's.

A similar one up for sale at Christies
A decade earlier but stripes!
A little over a decade later but still stripes!

1890's Women's Jacket

From the seller:

This antique Victorian era black wool womens winter sportswear ice skating mutton sleeve coat dates from 1890. It is made of a black heavy wool fabric. This wonderful womens winter sportswear ice skating coat jacket has a short mid length fitted tailored style, with leg of mutton gigot style long full sleeves voluminous on the upper arm and tapering down to a tight fit cuff, double breasted carved mother of pearl button front closure, side pockets, a fold over lapel collar with velvet trim decorative stitching accents and has remnants remaining of the original black silk lining inside. The coat measures 25 inches long, with a 38 inch bust, 28 inch waist, 25 inch long sleeves and is 11 inches across the back shoulder seam. It is in fair as-is condition, has not been cleaned. has several small stains, slight fade discoloration in areas, frayed inside lining, is missing a mop button and has several small moth holes scattered in areas (see close-ups). Great for design, display, study or pattern. This is truly a rare and unique piece of antique Victoriana womens sportswear wearable art!

From Me:

It dates from the 1890's not 1890 - there is a big difference there. Drives me nuts when people do that. 1890 is a year - technically still a part of the 1880's. There was no year zero. When a monk during the "dark ages" decided to set up the calender we all now use, he was using his Roman math - the zero hadn't been introduced or used in the Western world. That would happen a few centuries later. 1890's is a decade. This jacket is not from 1890, it is from the 1890's.

1893 Fashion Plate

The jacket is most likely from 1893/1894.

Late Edwardian/ Early Teen's Era Dress

From the seller:

Antique sheer cotton? dress in good condition has some wear and stains see pics. I got this from a antique steamtrunk. Dress is very light and airy.

From Me:

Since the seller gives us almost nothing...

The dress appears to be out of a light voile cotton print. In some of the photos, you can make out small leaf-y branches. The lack of a collar but still high neckline was popular at the end of the Edwardian and into the early Teen's era. What marks this as early Teen's is the sleeves - the fitted sleeve coming down about to the elbow with a bit of a ruff. For an Edwardian dress, with this closure and that neckline, you would expect a fuller sleeve.

Probably about 1911-1912. There is a similar printed dress in this 1912 fashion plate in the upper right hand corner. It has the same neckline and sleeve style as well as a similar print look.

1912 fashion Print

The lady seated in the print has a dress on with a similar neckline and a side closure like the extant gown.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Super Cute Edwardian Bodice

From the seller:

Vintage Victorian Edwardian Bodice Black XS VGC Top LACE B32 FANCY Sequins

yoke and cuffs lavender satin with black lace, sequins

3" standing collar

matellase fabric

curved surplice opening with large black satin bow


Bust 32"

Shoulder width 13"
Sleeves 23"
Length 16"
Waist 22"

From Me:

I can easily see this being a modern winter evening out blouse - just make the neckline sheer rather than having the lavender and pair it with a bright color satin a-line skirt. As is, it's Turn of the Century.

1901 Fashion Plate

Sunday, January 15, 2017

1920's Lace and Embroidered Afternoon Dress

From the seller:

This dress is bring relisted because the winning bidder actually said she tore it as she was trying it on. The measurements were in the description, and I don't understand why someone would try to squeeze into an antique 1920s dress. Anyway, it is not torn too badly, and I have taken pictures of the torn areas that are on the underskirt or covered up by the sash. It is a beautiful elegant 1920s embroidery and lace dress that has a crepe silk underslip with 22 crocheted tiny buttons going down the front. It also has an 8" wide sash that ends in a side bow. It measures 43" long, 40" bust and 50" hips. It has some age light staining that will come out with professional cleaning because of its delicacy. I am selling "as is" with no returns. It is still a gorgeous dress!

From Me:

I actually have a long width of fabric with a very similar embroidery pattern from the 1920's - I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the silk was bought embroidered and the lady simply cut it out, added lace, and made the rest into a dress.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Natural Form Bodice and Turn of the Century Shirtwaist

From the seller:

This auction includes a gorgeous blue velvet jacket or coat, and a white linen muslin shirt with the ruffle , circa 1880s.
The jacket features a beautiful satin lining with an interior pocket, book ended by matching bows. The top of the pocket is pleaded and there is velvet contrast across the pocket front. The initials KBP is embroidered on a piece of satin attached to the inside of the jacket.

All of the buttons have been removed from the jacket. It still has the metal closure at the neck. It is in excellent condition but has not been laundered. There is one tiny opening on the inside left sleeve about the size of a pea. Does not extend to the lining. It measures 16" inches across the flat bust, 12 1/2" inches across the flat waist, 17" at hip and 21" shoulder to sleeve cuff. It measures 14 inches across the back shoulders.

I am throwing the shirt in as a freebie. It has not been laundered and has some soiling. It features a fabulous ruffle on the front bottoms and it buttons in the back. All 17 buttons are present and accounted for. It features lace floral embellishments at the elbow and cuff. There is a tear in the back of the ruffle about size quarter.

From Me:

It's horrible that the buttons were removed but at least we can still see the exquisite detailing of this winter bodice! Check out the little pocket inside the bodice or that fabulous bit of embroidery which, I assume, was the original owner's initials.

1879 fashion Plate

Although the cut is different in a number of ways, I'm looking at the yellow dress on the far left. Notice how her collar dips back a bit? This seems to be a Natural Form thing as you don't see that much in the second bustle. The collar on this extant bodice does that too.

1880 Fashion Plate

The red dress on the far left has the same collar shaping going on.

As for the shirtwaist, any time between 1898-1903 really.  Here is a photo of a group of ladies from 1902 with one wearing a similar blouse:
1902 Photograph

1899 Fashion Plate
Although the wedding gown is far more fancy than this extant blouse, the lines for trimming are the same.