Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy May Day! 1920's Spring Dress

From the seller:

o Die For exceptional old and original flapper inspired Victorian or Edwardian party or lawn or ?? dress from around the turn of the century. The lace is like gossamer wings along with fabulous cutwork lace alternating from top to bottom and a band of hand made silk roses and flowers around the waist. I have never seen a dress so original and intact with such minimal amount of damage or repairs. I reviewed the pics and the reason for the revision is because this dress looked so dead and unalive in the pics actually its a vibrant but subtle peach color that is wonderful. My pics make it look like it went thru the wringer in the bleach cycle. Believe me it is fabulous....I took several pics so magnify for detail and the only damage or wear I could find is right at the top back where the patterned lace is so delicate and maybe a half dozen tiny to small holes here and there but are so insignificant they do not detract from the original and the sheer beauty of this fabulous textile. It has a built in silk underslip. It is very small measuring just 13 inches across the shoulders with a small 34 inch bust and a drop waist. It is 42 inches long. Although the fabric is very strong I would recommend wearing only on a very special occasion as it is truly a 100 year old textile only to be worn by someone who knows how to handle something of such a delicate nature.

From Me:

I'm calling this "What to do with those old petticoat trims" because that is what this is made out of. If anyone else has ummm...way too much petticoat yardage? You may want to consider this 1920's beauty.

Also, as a side note, I finally got up my article on Victorian and Edwardian Bathing suits on my personal site. Feel free to ask questions but, I will warn you, it's a long read. So, grab a cup of something (my choice was mead) and read through it.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Late Victorian Breast Improver

From the seller:A very unique Victorian antique bust enhancer. It is made of cotton and filled with padding. It is all hand stitched. It is in very good condition. There is one tiny age spot and one pea size age spot. Width 18 Length from point to point 11 ½ inches.

From Me:

In the days before plastic surgery, ladies did a much safer thing and just stuffed their bras and/or corsets.

There is a similar extant ones over at Abiti Antichi dated to the 1890's.

Victorian and Edwardian Bodice and Shirtwaist Lot with Natural Form Overskirt

From the seller:
Lot of Victorian Blouses plus one/two Jackets? with a bustle?. I think most of this belonged to my great grandmother who was very tiny. The pink silk jacket goes with the bustle that I tried to photograph on the chair. To gauge size, the pink jacket measurements are below. I am not a collector, but would say that none of these are in pristine condition - there are brown spits and other blemishes. Please see photos for condition and ask any questions before you bid

Approximate measurements (jacket closed):
Across the top (sleeve seam to sleeve seam): 13 1/2"
Pit to pit: 15", please double

Waist at narrowest point: 12", please double

Length: 18" (taken in the back to the waist, not including the points)

From Me:

Because everything I look at the pink bodice and the lovely lacy Natural Form shirtwaist in comparison to the others, the above is the song I have going through my head. Just sayin'....

For the blouse, scroll down to number 59 for another extant blouse that is similar in cut.

1879 Fashion Plate

The pink dress in the fashion plate may have been the inspiration for the extant bodice and overskirt! It's a lovely color...

As for the rest of the lot:

1904 Fashion Plate from  Wearing History
Probably Edwardian but these styles were worn into the Teen's era so anywhere in the early 20th C.

Late Victorian and Edwardian Bodices with a Short Cape

From the seller:

This auction is for three pieces of vintage Victorian clothing. There are two bodices and a shoulder cape. As can be seen in the photos, they all have some issues and may be good only for repair, salvage of materials for other projects or display. The bodices are in much stronger condition than the cape and could probably be worn with a little work. The bodice with the puffed sleeves is made of a heavy silk satin and the silk is very strong, however, the lace has become somewhat dry and there are holes. It also feels as if something spilled on one sleeve and it has stiffened the fabric. I have not attempted to clean it. The bust measures 34” and the waist measures 28”. The other bodice is also in strong condition everywhere except the lace neckline which has breaks. It is made of a lighter silk. Some small areas of the soutache trim have browned with age. The bust measures 36” and the waist measures 24”. The silk ruffle trim on the cape has deteriorated and is falling off in pieces. The body of the cape is still strong with typical moth holes and nips. The lining is good.

From Me:

The puffy sleeved one is very much mid 1890's Victorian but the other bodice is late Edwardian.

1894 Fashion Plate

1909 Fashion Plate

The cape is most likely 1890's as well.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Early Bustle Dress!

From the seller:

welcome to our auction of.a selection of a very old antique clothing .please read condition above .it has a price of 300.00 from 25 years ago we are starting low .beautifulgray 2 pce bodice and skirt with original buttons .i am not sure of fabric .it is so beautiful and i love the wings on the skirt and trim is a gray ribbon of same fabric with ivory fringed design. i will be listing directly from estate .this person was a vintage clothing & textile dealer .have been in box for storage .read condition above and ask questions .i am not an expert in this category .many other outstanding clothing and textile related items on at this time or coming soon .
bodice measures ,
shoulder to shoulder of 15''
bust of 32''
waist of 20''
length of 15''

skirt measures

length of 36 in front and 38'' in back''
waist of 20''

From Me:

It annoys me to no end when people are incapable of hitting the shift key. Seriously, how hard is it to capitalize letters? Have we truly descended into that form of laziness in which we find it too troubling to reach our pinkies over and hit two keys at once? I doubt this was done on a phone as most phones know two things - period then two spaces and capitalize letters at the beginning of words.

Given the lengths of the skirt and the measurements of the bodice, I believe this was a young miss dress.

1868 Fashion Plate

What I really like about this dress is the horsehair lining. This would have given the overskirt a bit of extra "oomph" for some extra fullness.