Saturday, May 28, 2016

Lovely Edwardian Overskirt with Lace Details

From the seller:

Lovely antique c1910 Edwardian lace petticoat - this is super pretty! Likely French. Sheer cotton batiste with lace inserts, and lots of sweet pintucks. Offered "as is" for crafts, re-purposing or design inspiration.

Tiny - measures approx 24" around the waist. It has a 39 inch length, and a sweep around the bottom of 120 inches.

There are discolorations, seam separations, pinholes, and larger holes too, including a larger one near the hem. Not laundered, estate fresh.

Very romantic.

From Me:

This is not a petticoat. It would have been worn over a slip. The ruffles around the diamond lace inserts were meant to be seen - as were the pintucks. The sheerness of the skirt also indicates it is not a petticoat.

1905 Photograph
The all white gowns were very popular in the Edwardian era.   Often, they would be worn over colored slips but they were also worn over basic white to show off the sashes or other colorful accessories.

1880's Bustle Dress with early 1990's Looking Fabric!

From the seller:

A stunning 1880’s gray silk and printed velvet one piece bustle antique dress. The gray fabric has a strong purple under tone. The velvet fabric has an incredible line pattern in shades of burnt orange, gold and olive green on a navy blue back ground. The bodice is trimmed with burnt orange silk. The tops of the sleeves have epaulettes that are made of the printed velvet and backed with burnt orange. The dress is lined with blue silk and has a hidden front hook and eye closure. The front panel of the skirt is made of the velvet fabric. The skirt has a bustled back and a built in bustle cage. The back has two long flowing panels. The dress is in very good and sturdy condition. There is some light underarm discoloration and a couple of loose seams on the side waist. The white circle spots are from the camera flash and are no present on the dress. There are no holes or splitting. Bust 32 Waist 24 Skirt length 41.

From Me:

Tell me that the front of the skirt doesn't look like early 1990's upholstery fabric!

1887 Fashion Plate

Friday, May 27, 2016

Late Edwardian Red Dress

From the seller:

Antique Victorian 19th c. 1900's Vibrant Ruby Red Velvet, Wool, & Lace Scalloped Shawl Collar Walking Dress Set!

- Great Wide Scalloped Edging on Bodice & Skirt w/Ruffled Trim, Very Full Bustle-Back Skirt!

Full description & condition below following photos:

*** My dress form is a bit too big for the bodice, so it wouldn't connect all the way with the skirt. - The skirt is a separate piece though and nothing is wrong with it, so it would meet up perfectly on a mannequin with a shorter torso or slightly smaller bust circumference!

From Me:

Dear Seller,

You were most likely born in the 20th century. You are living in the 21st century. Your birth year most likely begins with "19". A century lasts for 100 years. Ergo, anything that begins with "19" is from the 20th Century.

I know many people also confuse the whole Victorian/Edwardian. It's really simple. Queen Victoria died in 1901. Therefore, anything before that year is Victorian. Anything after it is Edwardian. Since there was no year 0, anything from Jan 1901 to Dec 2000 is an entire 100 years and therefore, the 20th Century.

No love,

Why is this do difficult? I was /headdesking the other day (and complained to the BBC where I first saw the article) about an article regarding the last person from the 19th century passing away. Oh really? There isn't anyone from before December 1900? The new century wasn't celebrated until Jan 1, 1901. Seriously. Some people quipped on Jan 1, 2000 that the 20th century was the shortest century on the record books - unfortunately, it went over too many people's heads.


Anyway, this dress is from the 20th century, late 1900's - about 1908 give or take a year. What I like about this one is you can easily see it's two pieces that, when together and with a sash, would look like one dress.  However, the seller deleted a lot of the photos of the dress immediately following the auction so I only have this one photo saved.

1908 Photograph

1908 Fashion Plate

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cute Green 1930's Jacket

From the seller:

Light weight medium wool jacket dating to the 1930s. Art Deco aesthetic with big leaf buttons on asymmetrical front closure single slash pocket trimmed in wide brown accent trim. In very good vintage uncleaned condition lined thru shoulders, the bottom of sleeves have loose hem, couple faint spots, wearable, would benefit from a dry cleaning.

Chest measures 36", waist 28", length from shoulders 25" sleeves 23"

From Me:

Back in 1938, Queen Frocks advertised their services in the Madison Lake Times. :-)

Helen Hayes is the actress pictured in the upper left.  I wanted to show this pattern because of the asymmetrical nature of the dress on the right - similar to the jacket above.  It was a pretty common feature to have in the 1930's.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Early Teen's Era Dress Lot

From the seller:

Lot of 2 late 1800s, early 1900s dresses. I'm not sure the exact ago of these, but they came from the same place.

Both dresses are in poor condition. The brown embroidered silk dress has been patched, Ill sewn together multiple times, has many holes. The white cotton and lace dress is missing buttons, has holes, and large areas of yellowing.

Please zoom in photos as this is an as is auction, no returns.

From Me:

1912 Sears Catalog

Although not as elegant as the catalog, these are probably from about the same time period. I really love the embroidery on the brown dress. It's a simple way to really make the dress pop!

Early Edwardian Brown Bodice with a secret pocket!

From the seller:
Antique victorian blouse in good condition. High collar and full sleeves. Waist about 24".

From Me:

1903 Fashion Plate

The bishop sleeve is the key to dating this. Also note the pigeon front. Most likely 1902/1903.

Turn of the Century Autumn Colored Bodice

From the seller:

Antique womans blouse
Used to be VERY fancy
Main body is fitted, has stiff fingers or ribs
Small lace vest is attached and is part of the main body and on the front only
tiny ruffles poke out of the sleeve, sleeve is about 16." at cuff +/-
It must have been gorgeous
Thought someone would like to use the design?

No returns

From Me:

1899 Fashion Plate

And the seller gave us...nothing! I doubt the sleeve is 16" at the cuff. 0_o?

The "wings" at the top of the sleeve, the lack of a puff at the top of the sleeve, the sleeves appear to be full length, and the gathered front are all typical of the late 1890's/early 1900's. I particularly like the colors - blues, pumpkin, grape, and the natural color of the lace blend together nicely.