Friday, August 26, 2016

Early 20th Century Collection of Ladies Clothing

From the seller:

I've decided to part with my oldest, proudest collection. It is truly the end of an era.

Note that these pieces are approaching/around 100 years old so they are in no way "perfect". Some have small tears and the dress has some discoloration. I am a 34c-d, 27"-28" waist and they all fit me ok with a little room to spare. The dress is an extra large. The worst damage can be found on one garment(see last two photos) where the fabric has given along the seams. The rest are regular stains that came with age. Most should come off with a good soak. The dress has noticeable discoloration on the lower sides. The tabard has the most delicate lace embroidery and I just adore it. No returns. Handle with care as fabrics are delicate

From Me:

The Orange Dress is most likely 1920's but it's hard to tell based on the one image.

The short sleeved blouse with the delicate embroidery is Teen's Era.

The swirly lace covered jacket is so very 1930's.  That peplum plus the sleeves scream 1930's.

The pigeon front blouse is, of course, Edwardian as is the lace collar one.

The dickey is from the Teen's Era.

Late Victorian Day Dress in Black and White

From the seller:

Alright folks!! This is the real deal here! Not a reproduction!!! This is 100% wool material with velvet trim. The skirt is 2 piece, with the underskirt made out of a crape type material. The waist band of the underskirt was not complete when I bought it, so I added a elastic waist band in the waist material. The top is also period, with boned front, pleated sides, sweat pads in the arm pits and all hook and eyes. This is a wearable size people, just keep in mind it is over a hundred years old. Bust would be about a 32 or 34. Waist is about a 26-28. Lenght is 40. Would fit a modern size 6. The material is not frail as of yet, but will not stand alot of straining at the seams to tear them out so be careful if you try to wear it.

From Me:

Remember, that's a modern size 6 without a corset. With a corset, it's more of a modern size 8 or so.

1890's Fashion Plate
This is Turn of the Century - most likely 1898/1899. 

Teen's Era Summer Party Dress

From the seller:

1910s Great dress too bad it is in such bad shape! Ivory satin under a layer of kind of dingy silk Georgette. The Georgette does have some holes. Over the Georgette is a flounce of pink silk with sash, pouf and large bow at the center back. The pouf in front came all undone, thread rotted, so I straight pined it back in as well as I could remember it looking. The lace is very delicate and is used on top of the Georgette and under as an in-between bodice layer. Stains on the pink silk as well. The dress is not any way shape or form in the best of conditions. Spots, stains, rips and rotted stitching But is it an amazing example of the period great for study.
SIZE: B-34, W-26, H-38, SH-14, SL-17, LNG-50

From Me:

1915 Fashion Plate

I am in love with this dress. The silly bow, the colors, the frouffy skirt - I just adore it!

The Teen's Era Dress that is sure to brighten anyone's day!

From the seller:

dress Edwardian yellow stripe satin lace pigeon front antique original 1890-1900
Antique original yellow satin and lace Edwardian ladies dress
1. antique not reproduction
2. late 1800s to early 1900s
3. real Titanic look
4. over all very nice condition
5. small 1/2 in tear in lace on one sleeve 1in., easy fix
6. hidden hooks and eyes and snaps, all there, none missing
7. not torn, no other holes, no rot, underarms are good
8. under shirt of net with net lace over
9. white real silk attached petticoat
10. most of this is hand stitched, sewing machine used on long skirt seams
11. two small spots on top, see photo
12. a few maybe 6 small pin holes in near the waist not noticeable
13. wide waist band inside with adjustable laces
1. across shoulders 16 in.
2. bust 38 in.
3. waist 30 in.
4. sleeves 12 in.
5. length from shoulder 50 in.
6. around the bottom 96 in.
This dress is sturdy and could be worn
First class shipping in US

From Me:

Never, ever, EVER wear a dress this old! This dress is 100 years old! First, the seller clearly doesn't know anything about fashion history at all - I'd love to know how the Edwardian period started a good ten years before Edward was on the throne and how the seller thinks that a dress like this looks anything like the Leg o Mutton fashion of the 1890's. Second, since, clearly, the seller knows NOTHING about fashion history, it's also reasonable to assume they are just selling this from Grandma's attic. Third, anything that is 100 years old, that has been stored away for at least 90 of those 100 years, may look sturdy, but that does not mean it is. The fibers degrade over time. Just mailing it can have crazy effects on the fibers. In other words, don't wear antique clothing. Ever.

That being said - I'm surprised by the sizing. It's most likely from someone who gave up the corset. It's from about 1916 - the way the sides are cut are very indicative of that.

1916 Fashion Plate

Lovely Mid Teen's Era Dress

From the seller:


A regal c1915 midnight blue velvet 1 piece dress. The front has a white lace front and continuing into a high stand up lace neck collar and with long chiffon sleeves ending net lace wrist cuff. The front has a hook/eye closure which begins at the neckline and continues through the waist. No designer label.

A wonderful blue hand embroidery in the arts and crafts design embellished the front and back that adds a timeless elegance! This dress has strong Arts and Crafts influence worked in the heavy velvet and the no pretense embroidered design elements motifs.

The neckline front and sleeve cuffs are decorated with floral net lace. The neckline has small metal stays to keep the collar upright. The bodice is lined with shredded silk and with 11 covered metal stays and has a front hook and eye closures. The bodice has 8 small black glass buttons that are missing many rhinestone inserts. At the front waist, there are 4 large faceted buttons sewn into a 4" blue velvet gathered floret, and at the back center waist are 7 elongated black glass buttons sewn into a blue velvet elongated floret. One of these buttons is broken in half but still attached.
Sleeves have transparent blue chiffon material and accented with floral net lace cuffs.

Condition: Condition: The outside midnight blue dress is in very good condition. There is total splitting of silk inside lining of skirt and underarm shredding of bodice, no underarm staining. There is no underarm discoloration. Some small rips to chiffon at underarms and with a few oxidation brown spots. No stains or wear to velvet. At the hem line there is a oval sweep that was attached to the shredded lining, so it is hanging now, but can be reattached again. I have put tissue paper into the sleeves and that is what you see in the photos.

A truly grand display dress/gown for study or display. Antique clothing is for display/collecting and should not be worn.

Measures: Bust 34", Waist 31", Front length from shoulder to hem 57", Sleeves 23".

From Me:

1915 Fashion Plate
I think the seller is right on the money when it comes to what date this gorgeous dress is from.  I just adore the details on the collar in the back.   The high neck and lace long sleeves (look closely at the photos, you'll see it has the higher neck associated with some older fashions) were popular still with the older crowd but also came back into fashion briefly in the mid teens - as seen in the above fashion plate.