Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas via the 1890's!

From the seller:


A regal 1893 - 1895 stunning green striped floral silk 2 piece bustled gown with large puffed sleeves.

Recently de-accessioned from the Rochester historical museum collection in New York state. The gown still retains it's original Museum ID catalog tags. LABEL ON PETERSHAM READS "H. FRAME 48 WEST 37TH ST. NEW YORK".

The bodice has a attached dark blue velvet lapels or collar that extend into a lovely stand up collar with marabou feather decorations. JUST LOVELY. The cuffs also are adored with the marabou feathers. Lovely inner satin bodice with raised flowers and beadwork.

The back of bodice has a pleated peplum. Large puffed sleeves narrow down to a velvet and lace cuff.

Wide Valennciennes lace adorns the front opening and on sleeve cuffs.

The bodice is lined with pink satin and green satin and with 13 covered whale bone baleen stays and has a front hook and loop closure. The inner pink satin lining has shredded.

The bodice has turned lapels lined with the green striped silk. The bodice has 6 metal buttons with rhinestones and faux pearls.

The skirt has a long back sweep and accented with gatherings of pleats on the back. Inside the skirt are ties that gather the pleats. The skirt closes by hooks and eyes at the back and gathers with pleats in the back for a nice fall. The skirt is lined with a green silk satin lining that is in very good condition. A little cushioned bustle is sewn into the inner back of the shirt below its hook and loop closures. The skirt also has ties inside to arrange the bustle effect.

Condition: The outfit is in fair condition. The bodice pink lining has shredded. No discoloration or underarm stains on the outfit. No repairs but unfortunately has small fabric splits scattered about on the skirt as well as bodice. This can be stabilized. A truly grand display dress/gown or for study.



Bust 35", Waist 28",

Curved sleeve length 26"

Across back: 11"

Front skirt length: 40"


Waist 32"

Back length 47"

A truly grand display dress/gown or for study.

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From Me:
1896 Fashion Plate

1896 Fashion Plate

Okay, so the puffy sleeves give away the 1890's aspect of this dress. It's probably from about 1896 based on the styling such as the jacket and the larger than your head sleeves.

This is probably the perfect dress to go caroling in or to visit family and friends this evening. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Swiss Folk Costume Bodice 1830s (?)

From the seller:

Extremely rare 18th. Century Stay Corset European probably France. it's made out of silk, cotton, wood or whale bone baleen. it's still in a very good condition considering its gage, at the edge there is a small piece broken or missing from the baleen however hardly noticeable.
The beading embroidery with very tiny black beads all over makes this a very unique piece, the beading could be have added later, I am not sure about that, the piece itself has been confirmed from the 18th Century.
There are only a few offered on the market. it's a treasure for the real collector.

From Me:

I can easily see why the seller thought this was 18th C - parts of it might be. The fabric does look a bit older than the ribbon and the decorations on it. It does have some aspects that are similar to this pair of stays from the 1790s. However, it's actually a part of a Swiss folk costume.

19th Century Swiss Folk Dress

The silver lacing holes in the image were an addition in the late 1860s. The style of the Swiss Folk costume became fashion in the 1860s and made famous by Empress Sissi.

The style of this one suggests it's a bit earlier than the 1860s. It has hand bound lacing holes, the style of the stays themselves are very similar to the late 18th stays, and the ribbon style is late Regency/early Romantic Era in design.  My guess is about 1830s but it's hard to tell with the folk costumes.
18(1)9? Ribbons

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Stunning Sheer 1870's Dress

From the seller:

Wonderful antique victiorian Edwardian ORGANDY embroidered trim flounce lace dress from 1860s-1870s.It's more like an incomplete dress made with white organdy and acorn embroidered trim, bodice, over-skirt and hem flounce.
Size:Bust 38", skirt waist 26", length of skirt 28"-40".
Very good and strong condition. Wearable.

From Me:

I think the seller was just trying to hit all the keywords. The dress is from the early 1870s. Imagine trying to make this on a foot powered sewing machine!  All those pleats!

1872 Fashion Plate

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

1920's Lace Dress by Julia Hoyt Modes

From the seller:

Absolutely breathtaking later 1920s elaborately styled and expertly crafted dress by Julia Hoyt Modes.

The most beautiful shimmering champagne silk lace featuring details including an outstanding faux pearl and rhinestone art deco brooch.

Long sleeves with tiny self fabric chiffon button cuffs and cut out chiffon detailing. Draped silk bust and side hip decoration.

The dress has a separate sleeveless beige silk slip with peachy gathered asymmetric hem panel and low scooped neckline.
Both pieces have no closures, it is a pull-on and wiggle-in piece.
This dress is truely magnificent and deserves to be seen and swooned over - still very wearable.
The namesake of this 1920s line, Julia Lydig Hoyt, was an actress in the 1920s and mentioned briefly in The New Yorker several times in 1925 and 1926. Here's a quote:

"MESSRS. LEFKOWITZ & PITOFSKY, "Creators of Better Coats and Suits," have recently been boasting, by circular letter to New York's publications, that they have signed a ten years' contract with Mrs. Julia Lydig Hoyt to design for them. It is with relief that I read "Mrs. Hoyt . . . will work with us such hours as do not conflict with her theatrical work." At present those hours are twenty-four to a day, but Mrs. Hoyt has said that she will take up her career again in the Fall. MRS. HOYT has very nearly arrived. She has come to the point where face creams bid for her endorsement (and she has endorsed them). Editors have asked her to write notes on social etiquette (and she has written them). The motion picture industry and the stage have known her and now she is a designer "at the highest salary ever paid to an American." Mrs. Hoyt's career is not particularly an original one; she has merely done better in it. Slim, dark beauty has an added asset. In essence, it is a capitalization of the modern American passion for aristocracy.
Such a career is yearly offering more and more inducement to the eligible young ladies of our overflowing social register. It gratifies suppressed desires for public attention and, incidentally, it pays. Moreover, the exploitation of a "society name" requires much less scheming than a girl's enemies will admit."
Label: Julia Hoyt Modes
Fits like size: Small


Slip dress:
Bust: 35"
Waist: 36"
Hips: 42"
Length: 52"

Over dress:
Bust: 37"
Waist: 36"
Hips: 38"
Length: 43"
Sleeve length: 26"

Condition: Very Good. There are a number of large splotches of staining that are fairly light on inner slip dress - barely noticeable with lace dress overtop.
Sold as is - reflected in price

From Me:

I found the following at the Vintage Fashion Guild page. Apparently, the lady that sold the dress found it at a thrift store and wanted to know more about it.

October 1925
Found by

So, clearly, this is from some time after 1925. I think it's more the 1927/1928 time frame based on the sleeve style. I really love the look of this dress; it's timeless.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Lovely 1920's Purple Dress

From the seller:

One of several dresses that came from a estate of 1894 historical carriage house that was family owned for over a 100 years & generations as were the clothes.
This dress is a Purple Chiffon with a drop waist shirred on each side with a handkerchief bottom. Large Purple velvet flower on one shoulder & one at the drop waist.
There was a nude chiffon on the front & base of the chest with embroidered appliqued flowers. The flowers are intact but there is barley any nude chiffon & is attached to a satin slip.
There are a few small holes as shown with a tear on the seam of one shoulder. Back is longer with tears at the bottom.
With some spots/stains & storage odor Being sold as is to repair use for parts or study.
Measurements are approx lying flat
shoulders 17"
armpit to armpit 19
arm length 22"
hips 19"
total length front 42" back 48"

From Me:

I want to wear something like this for Christmas. It's so lovely! I particularly like the flower detail.