Saturday, December 16, 2017

Turn of the Century Grape/Wine Purple Dress

From the seller:

This beautiful Victorian gown is 2pieces and is made from a soft wool and trimmed with cutwork with embroidered edgesm there's tear drop shaped decorations overcast in metallic gold threads. The bodice lining is very torn, someone put a make shift cotton lining inside and restitched the label, which I cannot read. It has a gold coat of arms on the left side, something on the right. The name starts with an M. The silk lining on the bodice needs to be replaced, it has pin head hole on the bodice and a few small holes on the collar, a larger one on the seam at the neckline. There's a general fade, but it's all consistent, you only see it when you look at fabric that was covered. The velvet sash around the waist is torn and worn and needs to be replaced. The bodice measures 36 1/2 inches around the bust, waist is apprx 25, across the back shoulder is 12 1/2 and is approx 20 inches long from shoulder to center front point. The skirt has a torn waistband and needs a new one, there's a tear along side the pleats coming down from the waist, a few small moth holes and a series of tears at the bottom on the side, the bottom tear about 8 inches, it's not lined, but I don't think it ever was. Waist you can make to fit, hips full and it's 41 3/4 inches long in front.

From Me:

Bonjourno!!!! Como stai? :-) I'm sorry I haven't posted in months but I only got internet at my gorgeous new home a few weeks ago and it's been trying to push out the Grad School papers since then. I'm taking a break from writing up my homework to post this beauty! The more I look at it, the more I like it. The cut out trim is simply delightful and I love the gold accents.

1902 Fashion Plate

Based on the skirt style and the sleeve style, I think it's early Edwardian.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Edwardian Striped Outfit with Lace Insert

From the seller:

This is a black and white fine cotton striped skirt and blouse. The blouse has a “T” design in front with off white crochet lace and a black velvet trim. It has a high collar which has a repairable hole with some find needlework, in the front crochet and similar hole at back near hook closure. This blouse is in good condition except for above mentioned and some shredding on the inside silk lining behind the front crochet lace. The blouse as a whole is still very pretty and it matches skirt.

The skirt which is also in good condition. It does have a hole in back (see last photo) which is hardly noticeable. It has double hooks at back waist, a small train with some room for a small bustle perhaps. The waist band is solid and there are six back hooks. The hem and dress as a whole appears to be machine sewn with early chain stitch. There are two black bands of velvet across the middle of the skirt and this elegantly matches the black velvet trims of the blouse. This dress is delicate because of its age but could be displayed nicely or worn at owners discretion.

Shoulders 12", Waist 16.5 ", Length 19 ", Across front under arms 20 ". Skirt: Shoulders 14", Length 36".

From Me:

It was far too dark to post anything yesterday. Today, I chose a more somber outfit.

The blouse should be tucked in but this is an Edwardian skirt and blouse. There would not have been a bustle.

1903 Fashion Plaste

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Red 1920's Dress with bugle beads and gold lace inserts

From the seller:

This pretty 1920's dress is made from a heavy silk crepe in a dark rose shade. It's beaded with clear seed and bugle beads, there's metallic gold lace godets around the skirt. It snaps on the shoulder and down one side. It has a 1/2 dime size frayed hole in the skirt, some tarnish on the lace, missing or loose beads, scattered light spots on the bodice, some snaps missing or need to be secured. Fabric is sturdy and could be worn. It measures 37 inches around the bust, waist is 35, hips 43 and is 42 inches long.

From Me:

As some of you may be following, I'm in Italy now! I'm currently typing this with a cat on my lap and a pup at my feet. :-)

This is a rather interesting mix of materials. I'm all over the crepe with the bugle beads but I'm not sure about the gold lace inserts. I think it makes it look a bit off. Still, a neat part of fashion history!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Edwardian Print Dress

From the seller:

This would make a great addition to your antique Victorian clothing collection! Sweet delicate lightweight silk print with roses and robin egg blue printed design.
Bodice has beautiful lace yolk and elbow length puffed sleeves. Sewn gathers at waist.
There are no stays in this dress. Bodice is lined in soft muslin with hand worked buttonholes.
All nine mother-of-pearl buttons are present on lining in bodice. buttons are present on lining in bodice.
Back of bodice is fastened with hook-&-eyes on outer layer. Lower edge is unfinished, to be tucked in.
this dress is in excellent shape with one two small pea size holes on top of the shoulder sleeves. they do not show because the fall into the pleats. easy fix.
Underarm bust measurement is 36 inches. Waist is 25 inches.
Front of skirt to hem measures 39 inches. Back skirt to hem measures 42 1/2 inches.
Waistline is 24 inches.
Hemline is in good condition. Three rows of ruffles decorate lower skirt.
Lower edge of skirt measures 142 inches around.
Sold As Is
Color of item may be slightly off from what you see.
I am human and therefore I may have missed minor flaws.
These are Antique clothing items. there will or could be rips, holes, stains snags, odors, hem lines coming lose. unseen flaws. you might even get a moth... I will do my best to point these out.
Measurements are amateur.

From Me:

The waist should be tucked in...not out like a peplum. I like that this one was most likely homemade and you can tell on the inside of the bodice/blouse.  And yes, no bustle - it looks ridiculous with the skirt and you can see the hem isn't even at all with the bustle in one of the pictures. 

1905 Fashion Plate

The sleeve style was popular around 1905 and the pigeon front was still popular then as well. I think this dress would look lovely with a simple matching colored belt or waist to offset the skirt and blouse.

Edwardian Day Dress with updates in the mid 20th C

From the seller:


Presenting a Victorian off white light weight sheer batiste cotton tea gown garden summer dress dating to the late 19thc early 1900's. One piece in construction.
Back button and hook and eye closure, lovely machine lace neckline and with a stand-up stayed high neck lace
 collar, stays in bodice, pintucks galore on sleeves and neck.   
The front bodice has a off white light ecru machine embroidered lace front that extends down skirt front center to the hem line. with long curved lace sleeves. Accented at waist with 2 large rosettes.

The bodice back has a extensive hook/eye closure.
 Skirt has hook and eye closure at back. Dress has a full silk lining that has shredded. Skirt has a small train in back.

Condition:  In good antique condition with age related flaws.  Small oxidation storage spot in front of dress by rosettes.   Overall the dress has a few pin size oxidation spots scattered about. These will all soak out with its first soak. There is NO underarm discoloration.  Silk lining is in poor shredding unstable condition.  With some loose hook and eyes in back closure.
This dress has very few imperfections consistent with it's age.


 BODICE: Bust 30",
Waist 23",
Sleeve length 23",
Across back of shoulders 13",
Neck circumference 11"
Front length from shoulder to hem 56", Back length from shoulder to hem 66", .

A lovely addition to one's collection. Would make a wonderful romantic wedding dress.

From Me:

NoNoNoNoNo! We do not wear antique clothing unless you like destroying old things, ruining the possibilities of learning from them for future generations, and you like being pretty much in naked ruins in an hour.

The rosettes threw me off on this dress - I believe they were placed there much later in the mid 20th c to cover up the spots; ie, they didn't cause the spots. I almost thought it was a remake until I saw the back detail and realized that it was just the rosettes that had been placed on the dress, not the entire dress being constructed of older pieces later on.

1909 Fashion Plate

That being said, I do think this was an early Edwardian that was remade at the end of the Edwardian era to follow the latest fashions. The sleeve puffs are just a bit too 1902/1903 versus the 1909 sleeves. Being remade would also explain some of the weirdness of the trim not exactly meeting up. The skirt had a lot of it's fullness taken out. It also might have been remade for a teenager from one of her mom's old dresses.