Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Teens Era Pink Dress (?)

From the seller:

This is a beautiful Edwardian silk gown. The dress is a chiffon over a china silk print lining. At the squared neckline it is open at middle with lace showing both front and back which is over netting. There are either pink or clear opalescent sequins all around the neckline also front and back. The pink china silk lining has a print of white circles with whitie dots on both sides. See pics. On the bodice you can see through the chiffon to see some lace and small area of the patteren silk. The lace shows through more promnently the patten does not. At the waist there is a wide black velvet waist band. There are short sleeves slit at the top half and pointed at the ends which also have some sequins.The skirt of this one piece dress has a long lining of the pink pattened silk with chiffon over that is trimmed with a few sequins on the front of the skirt ,edging of the chiffon is trimmed with double rows of sequins on the hem. There are 2 panels that are sewn at each side both trimmed with double rows of sequins all around the edge. There are many eye hooks and snaps at the waist band and waist of skirt and snaps at the bodice and eyehooks for netting under lace. The waist bodice and skirt are sewn together with a cram waistband inside which looks like grosgrain with lines - almost each line is split but the band is sewn in well and not in need of replacing yet. Seems stong despite the separations in this fabric.

It is shown and fits well on mannequin size bust 34, waist 26, hips 36 length is 51 inches, shoulder to shoulder is 17.5 inches.

Condition good with exception of tear on one shoulder that could be reinforced with matching silk and perhaps sequins over to cover any issues.There are a few sequins missing and silk lining has a couple of spots. Would give a billowy appearance when walking. Very nice example of this era.

More to come

From Me:

I'm a bit hesitant to post this one because I *think* it might be a recreation. The sequin trim looks too modern to my eye. Any one else think this might be a fake rather than the real deal? It has the correct cuts and types of fabric but the fact there aren't any pictures of the back and that trim is throwing me for a loop.

Very Late Teens Era Black Silk Net Dress

From the seller:

Beautiful Edwardian Black Lace Over dress

Satin bow and lace snap up front

16 1/2" from shoulder to shoulder

18" from shoulder to waist

29" from waist to hem of skirt including 4" of solid satin at bottom

From Me:

I'm tempted to say this *might* be very early 1920's but I'm thinking it's more WWI era. It's starting on the shape the 1920's dresses will take but it has a lot of the detailing that is more in line with the teens and the waist isn't quite "there" yet.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Regency Era Yellow Bodice

From the seller:

BE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN FOR ALL THE PHOTOS This auction is for an exquisite early 18th C 1820 - 1825 Regency period bodice. It is made of luxurious pale yellow silk satin brocade fabric that is in very good very sound condition. Because of the extensive detailing and embellished it definitely is the upper part of a ballgown. There is no evidence on the waistline that would cause me to think anything except that is was Not from a one piece dress but a bodice all by itself that would accomdate a skirt. Of course, completely meticulously hand stitched, it is lined with very soft cotton most likely what was then called muslin (different than what today we think of muslin) while the waistband is lined with a slightly heavier weight twill possibly with a silk content - it is soft but not like the overall lining. I am not extremely familiar with the weaving of fabrics from the earlier periods. However, I do know that satin was the finest silk one could wear during this period and earlier. The detailing is stunning, 3/4" wide V tucks with solid pale yellow satin trimming , armycyses and cuffs of the wonderfully puffed sleeves are piped. The points are created with intricately folded satin. The 3" long oval petal like pieces are individually added holding just underneath the piping along the neckline. Back hidden hook and eye closure. Approx measurements are 13" underarm to underarm, 11" mid shoulder to hem. There is some minimal age spots that are not as severe as my photos are showing. In extremely good, quite sound and overall very clean crisp condition. A superb example of this early time period; a glorious addition to any serious collection. I also will be listing a few earlier garments including lingerie and lace in the next few weeks as I am starting to liquidate part of my collection. Happy Bidding!

From Me:

Dearest Seller,

18th Century does not equal 1800's. I'm curious, what century do you think you live in? What year do you think it is? Maths iz hard! /snarky bit

Despite that, the seller is correct on the probably early 1820's date. The lining looks like linen to me in the photos but it could be a coarse cotton as well. This is truly an amazing piece.

Frothy White Turn of the Century Summer Dress

From the seller:

This is an extraordinary two piece Belle Epoch era gown in an ivory color tissue silk with large puff sleeves, lace, corded trim, tiny pleats, and ruffles.
The "pigeon breast" bodice has a high stayed neck, mixed lace trim, tiny tucks, and two large ruffled rows of pleating. Around the neck and hanging down the front of the bodice is a silk corded trim with three corded "pinecone" decorations.
It fastens with hooks and eyes on the back and underneath is a corset like lining that is stayed and is lined in a sheer and a silk lining. Also inside around the waist is a band with a label that reads:
Joseph Horne & Co.
The puffy sleeves have a smocked detail at the shoulder and at the cuff. They also have lace and two pleated ruffles.

The skirt is trained in the back and it has rows of ruffles and lace. Around the top just under the waistband is a smocking detail. It has an underskirt with pleated hem.
The full skirt fastens at the waist with hook and eye.
The dress is in very good condition.
The underskirt, sheer bodice lining, and silk bodice lining is shattered but does not affect the bodice.
There is a seam separation under the bodice ruffles in the front and back on either side.
A couple of pinholes and one small stain under one sleeve.

It measures:

neck.....12 1/2"
neck to hem front...21"
neck to hem back....17"

waist to hem front......39"
waist to hem back........49"

From Me:

I love love LOVE this! It looks so sweet and it's displayed properly! It's VERY late 1890's or early 1900's.

Turn of the Century Bodice

From the seller:

This item was found in a very old home in Arlington, Massachusetts. Most of the items that were found dated from the 19th Century to early 20th Century.

I do not have any specific knowledge of this item. So I can describe what I see - You can ask questions if you like.

kind of resembles a blouse with a built in corset

has vest of lace-over-green material, a redish colored material looks to be silk for the jacket or blouse, has the same lace material sewn at the cuffs (seems rather long in the arms), and collar.

about 18" top-to-bottom

perhaps 17" accross shoulders

the green lining behind the lace is torn (shreded) - otherwise it looks to be in nice condition

From Me:

No built in corset (boning =/= corset, people!) but this is an interesting example of a very early 20th C bodice. Personally, I think it's hideous - the lace jacket piece just does not go with the rest of the cut. It looks like it might have gone well when in pieces and then the lady put it together and realized Just no. However, because it so different, I had to add it.