Friday, April 27, 2012

Edwardian Summer Jumper Dress

From the seller:

Description ;

Gibson Girl very fitted ~ Antique French Ticking stripe a la Provencal or Breton style ~ authentic late 19th to early 20th c day dress. Fabulous cutaway armholes scooped neck fitted high waist and long skirt with mermaid or S curve effect ~ fitted to the knee where the flounce is invert pleated and flares from there to above the ankles. Many buttons closure at back with hooks at waist and decorative buttons on bodice as well. In White woven linen with French blue shadow stripe and pinstripe. Gorgeous style ! Bodice has a scarf or jabot type decoration in antique velvet with braided cord bobbles ~ this is in very good condition, needs a clean as shown above with organic stains that will soak out ~ the bobbles show some wear. Measurements are in item specifics above, a fabulous country miss garden summer dress. From a friend who bought online and wore to a tea ~ as is and wonderful European styling. bust 32 waist 22 hips 40: length 53 sweep at hem 112"

From Me:

I know I've said I love the jumpers before but I've got to say it again. They just look fun! This looks like a good beach dress. :-)

1890's Bodice with Lace

From the seller:

This is a pretty lilac silk bodice. It is dripping in lace and really would have been something in it's day. It has some shattering and the underarms are damaged. Although it's torn it would still make an excellent study or display piece, or maybe it could be made into something else. Please send any questions thank you.
Bust 28"
Waist 22"

From Me:

Based on the size, I'm guessing this is a young miss bodice rather than an adult women's bodice.

Very Late 1850's Black Dress

From the seller:

This is a lovely 19th century dress made approximately 1859-1860. The fabric and sewing techniques are very typical of the era, so this is a wonderful dress to display as well as study.

This dress is very small: bust 30-31", waist 25", center back length of bodice is 14 1/2", front skirt length is 42", back skirt length is 45 1/2". The skirt is very full, measuring 150" around the bottom.

The pagoda sleeves are very graceful. They are trimmed with a 1/2" wide silk velvet ribbon with white chain stitch edging. The sleeves have a white lining - top of lining is polished cotton, bottom of lining that shows is white silk (which is soiled - see photo). The sleeves are 18 3/4" long at the longest point.

Bodice of dress is heavy brown cotton, not polished. The skirt has a lightweight brown glazed cotton lining and bottom of skirt is encased in 1/2" wool hem tape.

There is a pocket in the right front seam of the dress, as is usual for nice dresses of this era.

Bodice has two boned darts each side of center front. Very small piping in neckline, armscye, and at waist of bodice. Hook and eye closure at waist.

From Me:

I love that the seller took such awesome "inside" shots but I wish there was at least one full front shot.

Adorable Bustle Era Straw Hat

From the seller:

This is an extraordinary Victorian bonnet from around the 1870's - 1880's.
It is a woven tan straw .
There is a rust striped bow on top with flowers and chenille wired trim.
The inside brim has brown velvet and along the outside brim are bronze beads.
There is a cotton lining, has some wear, with a remnant of a silk label that reads:
The Copeland Bro's Co.
The long striped silk ties are shattered but the ribbon on the bonnet is in good condition.
The overall condition of the straw bonnet is remarkable for it's age.

Head opening.........20"
Top front to back.......... 4 1/2"
Brim width......1 1/2"
Back....6 x 5 1/2"

From Me:

This is so sweet looking! I love how colorful it is. It would have made a great fall hat!

Lovely 1920's Slip

From the seller:
Adorable 20's Deco Embroidered Boudoir Frock of palest pastel green Silk Crepe Bodice

with Very Full gathered palest pastel pink Silk Gossamer Chiffon Skirt,

& pretty eyelet Val Lace with pink satin ribbon for trim & straps.

The Embroidery in front has a Lovely Spray of Silk Embroidered wild Roses, hand done in shades of Rose

& pink with Bronze leaves & stems,

all hand done in very muted pastel shades, Victorian Royal Society type design & very tiny silk work.

Pullover style with no openings., side net inserts.

I would consider this Garment to be a medium in size.

Measurements are EXACT taken flat & doubled:

Bust 36"

Hip 36"

Length 33"

(model is 5'10" so the dress may hang longer on a shorter person)


No real Issues, a couple of pinholes and a tiny mark or two. There is general very slight overall surface wear as you would expect on a garment of this age.

Otherwise it is Sound, has been dry cleaned, pressed and is ready to wear. No discoloration or other stains

From me:

This was probably meant to go under another dress and not as a "boudoir frock".

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1820's Straw Bonnet

From the seller:

Marvelous, and a once in a life time find. Romantic, genuine antique, 1820s straw bonnet, trimmed with the original, very wide, French silk ribbons in a beautiful blue & ivory floral pattern. Deep crown was referred to as a poke bonnet or coal scuttle, and the hat is constructed of a dense, tightly woven, fine Milan straw braid in its natural golden color. The bonnet is not flimsy, it is very sturdy and dense, quite strong, and stiffly woven, with a bit of weight to it. Really is one of the finest and sturdiest straw bonnets I have seen from this time period. The interior is under-lined in a blue stiff paper over which a fine blue silk makes up the bonnet's lining....

This bonnet was purchased from a Philadelphia area museum over 20 years ago, and was inaccurately dated by the curator as "1837 lady's Spring bonnet with original French ribbons". After much research, I have dated the hat accurately to the early 1820s. There are several examples which are identical to this bonnet, found in some of the nation's most respected costume collections such as The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston..and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Could be as early as 1818....Whatever its actual age, it is an extremely rare and exciting millinery masterpiece for your collection.

I love the wide French silk ribbons, a treat to see ribbons this old....the bonnets brim is edged with a row of decorative, looser straw braid, which originally hide under the blue silk lining.....

I do not usually put reserves on my hats, but as this one is the exception. Thank you for looking, and enjoy!

CONDITION: The straw bonnet itself is very good, the trims have age as shown..... Please see the photos, and know that this rare hat is being sold for its museum worthy rareness and exceedingly scarce to see....almost no hats from this time period have survived....The straw bonnet itself is amazingly well preserved, very sturdy and strong, with no breaks or splits. The straw is not dried out or fragile feeling, and still has most of its lovely, original luster from the straw fibers. It is not out of shape or soiled, it is clean looking and has no odors or staining. the ribbon on the bonnet is good, some light staining (water marks) but is not falling off or ripped up, some flaws as plainly shown.....The lining has shredded as shown. The ribbon ties have come off and are in several large and a few small pieces, tattered in places, and are included to keep the bonnet extant and original. PLEASE ASK if you need more information, and I ask that you if you see the beauty and scarcity of this fine example of early 19th century millinery, regardless of its few flaws to the trims and lining. Thank you!

Due to the nature of this very antique hat which is over 170 years old, and it is amazing that it has survived at all, much less in this condition, this item is offered and sold "as is" and well described, as found, and as shown.... Low opening bid.....PLEASE ASK IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, prior to bidding......Please bid accordingly ......NO RETURNS ON Vintage and antique Hats!

From Me:

This is in amazing condition for it's age!

1890's Bodice

From the seller:
This is a pretty pale pink silk bodice with bow detail at the neck. The lace on the front has come off and one sleeve is shattering but this would still make a very nice study or display piece. Please send any questions thank you.

From Me:

This must have been a beauty in it's day. The bodice is from the 1890's, based on the sleeves, and I would have love to have seen the skirt that would have matched it in it's day.

1860's Mint Green Bodice

From the seller:

For restoration or parts...
Hard to find mint green silk
Antique 1860's Civil War era corset jacket ~!

Harder to find colorful 1860's Civil War era corset dress jacket. This once stunning early piece of antique clothing is a soft mint green silk. Typical 1860's style. The jacket buttons up the front with silk crocheted buttons. Each sleeve cuff is trimmed in silk cording with jet glass beading and dropped silk covered wooden baubles. The jacket is fully lined is brown polished cotton. There are a total of 4 early corset stays sewn within the bodice. This is a wonderful display piece or can be used for parts. The following flaws are noted:
Missing two buttons, two of the wooden baubles have lost their silk covering. No missing jet beading. The green silk not only suffers from many worn areas and fine holes, but both underarms suffer from staining. Perhaps pieces of the silk and matching silk trim can be used to create antique doll clothing. This early piece measures as follows:
Bust: 34 inches
Waist: 24 inches
Underarm to sleeve end: 14 inches
Underarm to waist: 7 inches
Well worth my starting bid!

From Me:
Oh My.

Where to begin?

A) What the heck is a "corset jacket"? *looks at bodice* Nope, no corset there. I see a nice cotton lining where she says "inner corset". She also seems to think that whaleboning (most likely) is a corset each on to itself! Really, how hard to comprehend is it that a corset is a separate garment that was used to give shape to the body beneath the clothing? This is very much NOT a corset.

B) "Used for parts"? Uh. No. This antique is almost museum worthy. I'm sure there are some poorer museums that would LOVE the bodice for their collection. You don't take apart old things just because they are old. Why on earth would you take something like this apart for doll clothing?!? Should I take apart an antique lamp from the 1880's -the first electric lamps were invented in the late 1870's- just because I think the copper wiring would be cool for jewelry? Of course not!

Of course, this beauty is from the 1860's and might have seen the tale end of the American Civil War.

1840's Bodice Striped!

From the seller:

A splendid 1840’s black satin and stripe bodice. The bodice is all hand stitched. The fabric has a red, green and white stripe pattern on a black background. The bodice has a boned pointed front waist. The neckline, shoulders, armscyes, waist and center panel are all piped. The bodice is lined with home spun linen and is padded in the bust area. The bodice has a back hook and eye closure. It is in excellent condition. There are no holes and no underarm discoloration. The lining has scattered pin size age spots. Bust 32 Waist 24.

From Me:

I bid on this one but got out bid in the last few minutes. The fabric looks almost modern in color but the styling is very much typical for the 1840's.