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fabric 1890s

The above is based on an 1890's Wrapper dress in my own collection. Although the original is a velvet, the print is similar to many silks and cottons of the time. It is currently available up on Spoonflower as a fabric, wallpaper, or gift wrap.

Purple Regency

The print above is based on a Regency Era dress in my collection. Unfortunately, Spoonflower appears to no longer make the sheers, but this style would work in any cotton or silk fabric. This one is also available in blue.


I decided to create patterns on fabric, rather than paper, because if paper get wet, it's useless. Fabric can be dried off. Also, fabric won't rip if it gets crumbled. ...And the dog can't rip a fabric pattern.

The above is a pair of 1790's stays. I've used this pattern a couple of times myself and now wear the stays with all my reproduction Regency era dresses. It comes in both medium and small for now. I would recommend the small for anyone a US size 4-6 and the medium for a US size 8-10. I am working on a large size and that should be done in the next couple of months.

This is meant to be a pattern only and not a fashion fabric - which is why I created only one side.;-)

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