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Bustle Era Gown

From the seller:

A graceful 1880’s black silk princess style bustle dress that has recently been de-accessioned from a major NY city museum collection. The cataloging tag is attached to the sleeve. The dress is lavishly decorated with a tab edging on the collar, sleeve cuffs and front panels. Each of the tabs are outlined with gold silk. The front of the skirt has two large ribbon ties. The upper portion of the skirt that does not show is lined with black challis fabric. The dress has a long back sweep. The bodice is lined with cotton. The dress has a front button closure. It is in very good condition. There is light underarm discoloration on the cotton lining, four missing buttons and scattered holes on the challis lining on the top of the skirt. Bust 32 Waist 23 Front skirt length 40 Back length 50.

From Me:

I love the contrast of the piping on the seams and edges. Perhaps a half mourning gown?

Gorgeous Edwardian Walking Suit

Skirt Detail

Waist Band detail

Skirt detail

Jacket Detail

Back of the outfit

Outfit front detail

Outfit Front

From the seller:

What a classic white linen suit this is ! I have been told that this is from the Mizner era ( WW1 -1920's Palm Beach Florida ) but I suspect it is earlier. If any one can date this more accurately, I'd love to know. It has quite a bit of hand embroidery on the collar, sleeves two front pannels back and two skirt pannels. The buttons are all hand embroidered. The belt comes high above the waist and has the original belt loops. The skirt has a center pannel with a larger wrap around pannel that is embroidered on the sides. The bottom has a wide addition that is part of the design element, as are the curved pannels. This has both hand and machine sewing. The waist is only 18" wide. The waist has been taken in several times but there is planty of room to let it out.. The skirt has a double snap closure. Length 34 1/2"

The jacket has turn up curved cuffs .There is embroidery on both sides of the collar ,front, sleeves and across and down both sides of the back beneath the belt. Length from back collar to hem 28",bust 37" sleeve 21" Condition. I thought I saw a few tiny holes, one where the collar attaches to the jacket.and two on the skirt front ( they are really small ). There is several , obvious,areas of climate stains. All the butons have climate stains. The waist band has been taken in in several places. It could use a few stitches around the collar and cuffs..The belt needs to be restitched. Questions - please ask.

International shipping. I won't know the cost until I know where it is going. I will give you several options so please do not pay until I adjust the shipping accordingly.

I have added more photos as requested. Please note that I have remeasured the waist and it is 21" the skirt hem is 43". The two tiny holes can be seen in photo 8.along with some of the climate stains. The other hole is where the collar attaches to the suit. This item has been washed but I did not use bleach. The climate stains are dark brown particularly along fold lines. I do not recommend using bleach but would suggest consulting with someone knowledgeable in restoration of vintage clothing. This item is being sold AS Is.

From Me:

Downton Abbey called. The girls are already fighting over this frock. ;-)

American Civil War Era Mourning Gown

Side View of the dress

Shoulder Detail

Front of the dress

Back of the dress

Full front of the dress

From the seller:

This gorgeous mid 19th century dress is made from black silk and entirely lined in black cotton. My best judgement is it is from the 1860s. The hem measures over 180 inches. The collar is made out of worsted wool cording/ rice twill cording with black glass beads. The bow appears to be made out of a ribbon and not the same fabric as the dress. It is sewn to it. This is a pretty neat piece since it still has the bow attached! There are some issues with the dress. The left sleeve is almost detached but it doesn't appear that there are any tears but only the threads are giving out. As you can see from the photos anywhere on the dress there is a brown or white spot there is a tears or that part , such as the spot on the back, is coming loose. The back seems stable and it only appeArs to be that one spot. The white you see at the very bottom is not part of this dress. It is missing 2-3 of the hook and eyes. Part of the boring on one side of the bodice is beginning to show at the bottom. I find this very neat for research as you can see what it was made of and looked like. I think that this dress may have been restored later on. It is hard to tell in the photos but part of the trim or the bodice drops below the waist. I do not know if this was reattached at sometime or if it was made this way. The hem also has twill tape sewn to the bottom. It is sewn with a zig sag stitch which to my knowledge was not around during this time period. Although again. This may have been reattched. The final problem that I cannot figure out is spots that appear to have been patched. I have seen this also on a dress ca 1850s. I think the patches are made from the original fabric because they match perfectly. These patches almost feel like plastic.

From Me:

The moment I saw the front bow on this dress, all I could think of is the scene where Scarlet declares she's too young to be a widow!

Victorian Day Dress

From Side front showing the hooks and eyes

Side front

Back of the dress

Full Side of the dress

Front of the Dress

From the seller:

This charming Asymmetrical 2pc 1880's bustle strolling gown is made of finely Printed Cotton challis.

It has most unusual aesthetic pattern design on beige color background(see pic).

The bodice has a small stand-up collar made of black velvet & fully stayed cinch waist/belt made from matching velvet.

The bodice has long sleeves fitted around the arms with beautiful pleating.

The sleeves are puffy around the elbows with tightly fitted cuffs made of matching black velvet.

The graceful bodice has vertical pleats around the bust & tightly fitted around the waist.

It closes with series of large round faux pearl buttons, belt closes with hooks/eyes(see pic).

The inside of the bodiceis fully lined with fine white linen, fully boned & has under arm guards.

The magnificent asymmetrical skirt has an apron front with a large graceful bustle in the back.

It also has a side puffy drape to offset the uniform look.

The elegant skirt is lined with brown cotton & closes with a single mother of pearl button on the back waistband.

It has a cream hem protector to prevent from fraying.

The back waist of the skirt is tightly Cartridge pleated to accommodate a large bustle cage.

The bodice measures 13 1/2" across the shoulders, 30" bust, 23" waist & 22" long sleeves.

The skirt measures 24" waist, 40" in length.

The gown is in most pristine/hardy worn condition.

Only a few pin side holes, minor waistband repair & small minor stains(hardly noticeable flaws).

Otherwise this is a Unique hard to find summer bustle strolling dress from 1880's! A beautiful Example!

From Me:

I think this was gown that was remade many, many times over the decades. The sleeves are typical of the 1840's into the 1850's, the Swiss waist is more typical for the 1860's, the bustle doesn't look quite right -maybe 1870's? I can easily see a lady remaking the same dress over and over to keep up with fashion for about 25 years. It's very interesting to see!

Embroidered skirt front

All photos and text is take from this auction on ebay

From the seller:

Finely embroidered whitework skirt front and embroidered hem section from the same skirt, dating to the mid 19thc. Done on soft white cotton. In very good antique uncleaned condition, the whole skirt is not here, just the front and hem. Skirt front measures 40.5" top to bottom and the hem piece measures 64" long and 19" wide.

From Me:
I can easily see this as being even earlier than the 1850's by a good 30 years. However, some of the designs do indicate a later date. What a beautiful summer gown this could have made!

The perfect Romantic Era dress accessories!

From the seller:

Rare down feather filled puffy sleeve inserts for Regency period gowns, dating to the first quarter of the 19thc. Roller printed cotton covering, with fine hand stitched pleating at the shoulders, lined in cotton and filled with either swan or goose down. In excellent antique condition the exterior cotton is very faded, with age related even yellowing, no holes. Very rare to find, found in estate of seacoast of New England. I have some other early items listed this week from this same estate.

From me:

I honestly haven't seen these before outside of a picture in a book. To get to see this many angles is just amazing to me.

Perfect Romantic Era Dress

Taken from Heartnsoul1 on ebay:

Charming roller print cotton early gown, all original and dating to late 1820's early 1830's. Exceptional construction details throughout. Dropped, piped and ruffled capped gigot sleeves, criss cross draped front bodice with slightly to the back piped shoulder seams, tidy cartridge pleating all the way around skirt/waist, with wide waist band, back hook and eye closure, with piped seaming. Bodice only lined in linen, with early pocket form hanging from bottom of bodice interior, hem faced in household cotton, all hand stitched. With the following issues: small breaks to exterior cotton back of shoulders both sides, some faint age related spotting scattered here and there, small breaks to bottom of sleeves, these breaks at some point someone has used the iron on facing material to bind the breaks, ragged hole top/inner side of one sleeve, missing some hooks and eyes, cotton is still strong and displays nicely skirt fabric sound, no underarm issues. Chest measures 32", waist 22", sleeves 26", length from shoulders 53.

From Me:

[insert drool here] WANT!!!!!!

Civil War Era Gauze Dress


Most likely the front of the dress. It is in terrible condition but the seller provided some great detail shots!
The back of the dress.
A prefect picture of the fabric. I love this print!
The inside of the dress. I'm curious if this were for a younger lady given the bust improvers...

From the seller:

This auction is for an original Victorian Civil War era dress, created with the most beautiful gauze fabric. A chocolate brown and ivory stripe with red rose buds. The pagoda sleeves are not full length, buckram lining that has small cotton batting padded area on both sides of the breasts and a pleated waist.There is hand and machine sewing, because of the sewing I am questioning if it has been altered. This dress is completely undone, the gauze is shattered in many areas. I am selling only as a study piece.

From me:

Does everyone prefer this style, where I table and link the photos back to the photo album, or do y'all prefer the slideshow? Let me know, please!

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From the seller:
An antique French dress in good used condition. This dress is signed by the French maker and was purchased on Fifth Avenue in New York city in 1901. We recently purchases this and other dresses from the "List" family home museum that recently closed in Wheeling Wv. A well respected family that built Wheeling in the 1820's. This french silk chiffon dress has a French metallic lace front and back yoke with a rounded train. Shirred on the shoulders There are three layers to this formal Empire period gown, a silk chiffon top layer in a brown stripe,a satin underdress with a silk layer. On the back train there are glass tassels over the long brown satin bow and a braided satin decoration that matches the shoulder boards on the sleeves. This dress is for parts or to put on a mannequin, but would be a minor job for an experienced seamstress. There are missing snaps on the back, a tear on the shoulder and other small problems. Size is small 4. As is no returns.


From me:

This is a perfect 1910's gown!   I adore the stripes over the gold.  It's beautiful!