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Turn of the 20th century Woman’s pants!  These were on ebay recently and I fell in love with the idea of late Victorian/early Edwardian trousers for women. 

Isn’t this the prettiest regency bodice?   I grabbed the photos off of ebay about a year ago. 

Another one I got off of ebay.  This is the first 1860’s gown I’ve seen that I actually wanted to attempt to make.  I love the bright color and the use of lace. 

Yet another off of ebay dress.  This is a truly amazing regency gown.  I just adore the embroidery on the netting!

This is actually part of my own collection!  I probably should take a picture of the matching extant parasol as well…

Another lovely from off of ebay.  I think this was posted back in April of 2010 but I’m not sure

From what I recall, this was on ebay WAY back in 2003…maybe?   I know it was a while ago.  All I can say is this dress is very cool.  I’m not entirely sure what decade it belongs to. 

Not a dress, but a truly awesome pair of shoes and a very cute hat!  I think this is late teens early 20’s if I recall correctly.  I know it was part of a wedding ensemble that had been saved.  Again, from ebay a very long time ago…

A lovely pink Edwardian dress I saw on ebay many years ago.  

This was said to be late Victorian but it looks Edwardian (1900’s) to me.  I think it was called a wedding dress but, as anyone who has looked at the antique clothing on ebay knows, if it’s white, it’s called a wedding dress. 

I want to say this was part of the Tasha Tudor collection auction but I’m not entirely sure.  I just remember it not being an ebay one and loving the big purple bows. 

This was on ebay back in 2003.  It’s really a lovely example of the teens era dresses. 

This is a gorgeous piece from my own collection.  I’m sorry for the front picture -it was over a pair of stays I was making at the time.  The bodice was to a dress that was most likely made in the 1780’s.   The skirt was ripped off at some other time and probably made into something else.  Whoever ripped off the skirt was starting to take apart the bodice as well but I managed to restore it to it’s current state.   It’s made of a creamy satin silk with linen and cotton lining.  

Isn’t this just the prettiest late Regency dress?   I think it’s about 1820 but it might be a bit earlier.  The dress was remade at least a couple of times to accommodate a couple of different people.  The colors on this are so sunny it’s just fun!  This is another gown from my own collection.

Yet another from my own collection (hence the terrible pictures!)  This lovely silk brocade gown is from the 1840’s.   I just love the pleating at the waistline and the piping!

This is a gorgeous late Victorian, early Edwardian lace gown.  I love the black lace -can you imagine this with a pink dress beneath it?   This one is still up on Ebay right now.

This is my favorite dress in my collection.  Although I originally thought it was from the 1820’s, I’ve discovered that it’s more likely from the 1810’s.  It’s a lovely purple print and I just adore it!  I hope you do too. 

I’m not a huge fan of the color but look at that asymmetrical front!  A very awesome example of the early 1880’s.  This was on ebay just a couple of months ago. 

Another Ebay recent!   The pink floral on this 1840’s dress is just too cute! 

Can you get more 1890’s than this little red number?  Look at those sleeves!   I wish I had saved the other photos for close ups but didn’t think of it at the time.  Another ebay recent. 
Also, I wanted to mention that since I’m new here I’m clueless as to how to reply and other things.  Sorry!  I can read everything though so that’s a plus.   I thought this (ie tumblr) might be the best way of preserving all the photos I’ve collected and still am collecting of extant fashion and be able to share it with others.  I do collect a lot of antique/vintage clothing myself so some pieces will be my own.  The way you can tell the difference?  If the pictures either have a)a small white fluff ball that looks vaguely like a cocker spaniel or b)otherwise are terrible, they are mine.   :-)

More 1840’s fabulousness.  The colors are nice, the print is fantastic, and the simple details on the sleeve are just too adorable.  This looks like it must have been a great day dress in it’s time.  Another ebay recent.

I’m a sucker for anything regency and this spencer is no exception.  I really wish I had won it but oh well.  I can still drool over the pictures of it!  This was on ebay in Dec 2010. 

Can you get more storybook?  This really looks like a dress Goldilocks would wear!  All it needs, other than the ruffles on the bodice, is some faux lacing.   A very cute example of 1830’s wear. 

And now a step forward in time to the 1920’s!  :-)  This pretty little 1920’s number off of ebay back in Dec 2010. 

Hmm…Edwardian black lace overlay?  I wonder why that makes me think of long elegant gloves, dinners, and Leonardo DiCaprio…  ;-)  The funny things, I can’t stand the actual movie.  I need to put it on silent in order to watch it all.  
Anyway, back to the dress.  The sequin fringe is really interesting.  I don’t think I’ve come across that before.  This is another off of ebay from Dec 2010…

A wonderful American Civil War era dress.  This was on ebay in Dec 2010.

This little number looks like a plain jane in cut but check out that embroidery!  Wow!  A very neat example of the late Edwardian going into the jazz age fashions.

This is my favorite color.  Honestly.  I swear it matches the paint on my bedroom walls perfectly.   It’s really sad that the skirt is in such poor condition but look at that Edwardian bodice!  Too, too pretty.   I think this might go in on the “at some point in the next ten years, I’d like to make this” list.  Another recent ebay sighting. 

1870’s embroidered jacket.  This pretty just makes me happy.  :-)  Another ebay sighting. 

The neat thing about the print on this dress?  It looks like it belongs about 100 years later than this dress was made!   This Civil War wrapper is totally wild.  It’s also currently up on ebay.

Although today this would make a very cute coverup, back in the teens, this was the bathing suit!  Found on ebay at the start of 2011.  The red is such a nice contrast compared to all the white and black wool suits I’ve seen.

A gorgeous 1880’s reception gown from ebay earlier this month.   The detailing on the train is just magnificent!

Ever since I found this dress, I’ve wanted to make it.  It’s red, it’s a bib front, and it’s regency.  It’s perfect!  Too bad I don’t have $1900 to spend on it…

This lovely is from all the way back in 2001 on ebay!   It’s a truly neat mid teens dress based on the style.  And it’s pink!  Yay!

Isn’t this a cute little girls dress? The calico print is just so very sweet. I’m guessing the dress is about 1860’s but it might be a bit earlier or later.   This was on ebay all the way back in November of 2000.  Yes, ebay existed back then….

I wish I had saved more pictures of this perfect Edwardian gown.  This one was up on ebay back in 2002.  Pink and black is one of my favorite color combination.  (The other is turquoise and purple).  At least with the pictures I did save, you get a good idea of the front of the gown and a nice back picture!

This lovely late Regency dress was on ebay back in 1999!  Probably why the photo is so bad -no one had learned how to really do the whole photo on a page thing yet.  :-)  (Back then, I’d scan the necklaces in I was selling on my scanner.  After all, how else would you get it online?)
Don’t you just love the ruffles at the bottom?  The waistline is starting to drop a bit -not much yet- and it’s stripy!  Yay!

Another one from 1999 on ebay!  The sleeves and the print of this dress are too adorable.   This looks like something I would have wanted to wear when I was five.  :-)  Although, according to what little info I have from back then, the description said 1840s, I think it’s actually 1830s.  A nice Romantic dress.

Yet another from 1999 -that was a good year for dresses on ebay, I guess!  The sleeves make me think this is early 1840’s but the waistline is still raised.  It’s probably a transition dress or a dress that was reworked at a later time.   Either way, it’s a very interesting piece!

May of 1999, ebay.   I really wish I had kept more pictures of it at the time but this is a lovely little 1920’s number or possibly late teens.  The pink sash is quite dynamic with the ivory lace look of the dress.  And it’s a wearable size for a modern woman too!  No 22” waist here.  :-)

Another May of 1999 dress on ebay!   This is a neat Edwardian piece.  It looks more like the start of the teens era based on the waistline and the use of a “faux” jumper look but the neckline is still all the way up.   Maybe a wedding gown?

I apologize for the odd way the picture is on this one.  You see, in 2003 on ebay, they developed a way to show multiple pictures at once.   If you tried to save one, you got the entire strand.  However, this is an awesome example of an Edwardian summer gown with a lot of really nice close up shots.  Definitely zoom in and take a look at that insert lace and appliques!

To me, this is the coolest pair of stays, ever.  Not only are they part of my collection (yay!), but they are an excellent example of 1790’s Regency stays.  Just look at those bumrolls on the back with the original stuffing still inside!  The color is a wonderful blue with pink coral flossing.   I’m sure this was a beauty back in the day.  The other awesome thing, it doesn’t have the “cups” in the front and only has seven pairs of bones on either side.  I made a pair of stays myself based on this pair (I really just traced the thing out and increased it by two inches) and it’s quite comfortable.  

Another pair of stays from my collection.  I *think* these are 1780’s.  I say think because it is very clear that they’ve been reworked.  The green brocade and the linen lining are a cover for the possibly older stays that are inside.  The stays inside are leather (you can see the leather tabs in the back), I think and these are full boned.   They are fun to play with and look at but they are confusing as can be!
The embroidery on this pair, though, is scrumptious.  You have to love the tiny belt for the front.   It was sewn down much later by someone who’s sewing skills need work…and it wasn’t me!

Yet another piece from my own collection.  This little pink bodice is most likely 1850s but I’m really not sure.  It might be a bit later or even earlier.   All the original hooks and eyes are still in the back and it has “padding” to give an…uh..more voluptuous figure?  The cotton print inside really is neat and the outside of the bodice is pink silk.

Oh my goodness!  It has a turquoise tail!  This lovely American Civil War era dress is up on ebay right now as part of a lot. 

I *think* this one is turn of the century based on the jacket.  I’m really not sure.   It looks 1900s to me…  I just love the pattern of the fabric myself…  This is part of the same lot as the Civil War dress I just posted. 

This is a wonderful brown bustle dress.   I’m guessing this is an afternoon or walking outfit?   I believe it to be 1870’s.  This is from that same lot up on ebay right now.

Plaid is awesome.  :-)
This is another American Civil War number from the same ebay lot.

This dress was the reason I was tempted to bid on this lot.  This is a stunning 1880s summer bustle dress.  Can you imagine sipping pink lemonade in this lovely frock?

The last really wonderful dress from this truly amazing lot up on ebay; a russet red American Civil War number.  I can so see Scarlett wearing this one…

Whoops!  There is one more dress out this lot that should be showcased.  Look at this Belle Epoque summer dress.  It’s really the print of the fabric that makes it so stunning to me. 

Another recent ebay auction.  This pretty little number looks to be from the 1860’s or maybe a bit earlier.   Don’t you just adore the lace?  This, of course, would be worn over another dress but it’s just so pretty by itself -and in amazing good condition!

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