Saturday, January 27, 2018

Lovely Cream and Silver Edwardian Blouse

From the seller:

DESCRIPTION: Offered to you is this 1850s antique fashion Voctorian gold thread and lace silk blouse. This is a very complicated and difficult to make model. There are some defects on the fabric due to its age and the buttons cannot be open. For condition see photos. Scarce and highly collectable item. Size: length 16” ; width at shoulders 15”

From Me:

Clearly, the seller had no clue what they had. I'm pretty sure it's just tarnished silver lace - not gold- however, it's still impressive. It's probably from around 1907 ish given what looks like a higher waistline and the shorter sleeves. (Although the seller says it's 16" in length, I'm not sure where s/he's measuring from as the width is looks like a lot longer than the length.  Maybe they confused those too?)

1907 Fashion Plate


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    1. Aren't they fun? The blouse has a lot going on but doesn't look over the top. :-D

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