Monday, September 19, 2016

World War I Purple Blouse

From the seller:

This auction is for a delicious Edwardian suit bodice with peplum. It's made of a fine wool knit. The design is scrumptious! It's cut is fantastic and the embellishments are superb! My favorite detail is the finely embroidered organdy collar. It was sewn in by hand. The edging on it is so delicate and precise. What a work of art! The color is deep aubergine or eggplant. Unusual and stunning. The crystalline motifs of roses that appear to be made of dewdrops! They are, in fact, individually applied crystal beads. Then there are all the tiny pearl buttons, not just sewn on, but artfully applied with a sprig stitch! I wonder what the hat that accompanied this suit looked like. Or the shoes! One can only imagine.

Condition: Underarm discoloration and a general unevenness in tone. No closures and scattered small holes.

Measurements are: The bust is about 36 inches & the waist is about 27 inches

From Me:

I think this might have been an older dress, remade a few years later during the war - the sleeves look a bit odd as if they had been short and then the length was added much later.

1917 Fashion Plate

Most likely 1917 or there abouts.

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