Saturday, December 16, 2017

Turn of the Century Grape/Wine Purple Dress

From the seller:

This beautiful Victorian gown is 2pieces and is made from a soft wool and trimmed with cutwork with embroidered edgesm there's tear drop shaped decorations overcast in metallic gold threads. The bodice lining is very torn, someone put a make shift cotton lining inside and restitched the label, which I cannot read. It has a gold coat of arms on the left side, something on the right. The name starts with an M. The silk lining on the bodice needs to be replaced, it has pin head hole on the bodice and a few small holes on the collar, a larger one on the seam at the neckline. There's a general fade, but it's all consistent, you only see it when you look at fabric that was covered. The velvet sash around the waist is torn and worn and needs to be replaced. The bodice measures 36 1/2 inches around the bust, waist is apprx 25, across the back shoulder is 12 1/2 and is approx 20 inches long from shoulder to center front point. The skirt has a torn waistband and needs a new one, there's a tear along side the pleats coming down from the waist, a few small moth holes and a series of tears at the bottom on the side, the bottom tear about 8 inches, it's not lined, but I don't think it ever was. Waist you can make to fit, hips full and it's 41 3/4 inches long in front.

From Me:

Bonjourno!!!! Como stai? :-) I'm sorry I haven't posted in months but I only got internet at my gorgeous new home a few weeks ago and it's been trying to push out the Grad School papers since then. I'm taking a break from writing up my homework to post this beauty! The more I look at it, the more I like it. The cut out trim is simply delightful and I love the gold accents.

1902 Fashion Plate

Based on the skirt style and the sleeve style, I think it's early Edwardian.


  1. Hello Isabella, Nice to see a post from you. Although I have no particular connection with old clothing, I like your opinions and scholarship, and the way you apply them to the more interesting selections coming on the market. I do wish you would talk more about the market in general--what you think of all the museum deaccessions, etc.

    Happy Holidays, Jim

    1. I'm both excited and disappointed by the museum deaccessions. Excited because some garments that haven't seen the light of day in years will finally get a chance to be appreciated; disappointed because it means that so many museums are either closing or are getting rid of their textile exhibits. I'd really love a museum dedicated to fashion in the United States that wasn't associated with a college but I don't have the money to start one. :-)

  2. Yay, Isabella! So good to hear from you again!

    And I love the dress you picked to share with us. Wonderful!

    Happy paper writing, and happy holidays!

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