Thursday, December 21, 2017

Stunning Sheer 1870's Dress

From the seller:

Wonderful antique victiorian Edwardian ORGANDY embroidered trim flounce lace dress from 1860s-1870s.It's more like an incomplete dress made with white organdy and acorn embroidered trim, bodice, over-skirt and hem flounce.
Size:Bust 38", skirt waist 26", length of skirt 28"-40".
Very good and strong condition. Wearable.

From Me:

I think the seller was just trying to hit all the keywords. The dress is from the early 1870s. Imagine trying to make this on a foot powered sewing machine!  All those pleats!

1872 Fashion Plate


  1. Pleats and tucks and ruching, oh my!

    Another gorgeous dress!

    1. I love the embroidery on the dress. This would have taken some time to make.

  2. What a beauty! If I could find some organdy already embroidered, I'd be making this. Not white tho, I'm a little long in the tooth for virginal white.
    Merry Christmas, Val

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