Saturday, April 1, 2017

Early Victorian Quilted Petticoat

From the seller:

Excellent condition to this white cotton quilted petticoat. The designs are well executed, the cotton is crisp and strong.
The waistband has been professionally replaced, is 100% cotton, and was attached by hand, with evenly spaced gathers all the way around the waist, it fastens with two antique milk glass buttons in back.
The quilting goes all the way up to the waist, with the more complicated designs starting at about the hip area, plainer, horizontal stitches just below the waist.
All the sewing is hand. It measures 27 1/4" around at the waist, it's 35 1/4" long, including the crochet.
There is one side seam which seems to be original, as does the crochet edging.
There are one or two light spots, some light storage discoloration. The fabric is crisp and strong, there are no holes, thin, or weak areas. 1830's-50's, with the waistband about 20 years old. 

From Me:

This just looks painful to me. Not to wear, but to do all that sewing by hand. :-)  It reminds me of this blue petticoat at the MET.


  1. Such gorgeous work! I suspect I've never had the patience for it, though. These days my fingers ache just looking at it.

    1. I never have had the patience for a lot of intricate handsewing. Hems? No problem. Actual embroidery beyond a couple of hours of stitching - no. :-) Which is why something like this makes it all the more special to me - that someone did have the patience and the stamina to keep up with quilting so beautifully on something that really wouldn't be seen.

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