Friday, April 28, 2017

Teen's Era Dinner Dress with Fringe!

From the seller:

Antique original late 1800s black satin dress
1. original not reproduction, 1890-1900
2. nice condition but not perfect
3. hole in back, near bottom back would need a small patch
4. hole on left sleeve near lace and a hole on the under side and some missing fringe
5. everything else is good
6. closes on right front, dress top hooks onto dicky
7. hooks and eyes on right side continue down past waist
8. all hooks and eyes are there, all original
9. dicky is black velvet and white satin ribbon, embroidered together
10. fabric is good and strong, this can be worn
1. bust 38 in.
2. waist 30 in.
3. hips 40 in.
4. across shoulders 15 in.
5. shoulder to hem 53 in.
6. waist to hem 38 in.
7. around bottom 74 in.
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From Me:

Well, it's not late Victorian as the seller believes, but early Teen's Era. This is more something you'd expect to see worn on the Titanic than anywhere else.   Granted, the high necklines were a quickly dying breed when you hit the 1910s, but some ladies still preferred them.  In the fashion plate below, the lady in the upper middle right still has a high neckline.   They were most common on older ladies.   

1912 Fashion Plate

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