Sunday, August 27, 2017

Edwardian Print Dress

From the seller:

This would make a great addition to your antique Victorian clothing collection! Sweet delicate lightweight silk print with roses and robin egg blue printed design.
Bodice has beautiful lace yolk and elbow length puffed sleeves. Sewn gathers at waist.
There are no stays in this dress. Bodice is lined in soft muslin with hand worked buttonholes.
All nine mother-of-pearl buttons are present on lining in bodice. buttons are present on lining in bodice.
Back of bodice is fastened with hook-&-eyes on outer layer. Lower edge is unfinished, to be tucked in.
this dress is in excellent shape with one two small pea size holes on top of the shoulder sleeves. they do not show because the fall into the pleats. easy fix.
Underarm bust measurement is 36 inches. Waist is 25 inches.
Front of skirt to hem measures 39 inches. Back skirt to hem measures 42 1/2 inches.
Waistline is 24 inches.
Hemline is in good condition. Three rows of ruffles decorate lower skirt.
Lower edge of skirt measures 142 inches around.
Sold As Is
Color of item may be slightly off from what you see.
I am human and therefore I may have missed minor flaws.
These are Antique clothing items. there will or could be rips, holes, stains snags, odors, hem lines coming lose. unseen flaws. you might even get a moth... I will do my best to point these out.
Measurements are amateur.

From Me:

The waist should be tucked in...not out like a peplum. I like that this one was most likely homemade and you can tell on the inside of the bodice/blouse.  And yes, no bustle - it looks ridiculous with the skirt and you can see the hem isn't even at all with the bustle in one of the pictures. 

1905 Fashion Plate

The sleeve style was popular around 1905 and the pigeon front was still popular then as well. I think this dress would look lovely with a simple matching colored belt or waist to offset the skirt and blouse.


  1. I'm so grateful I wasn't sipping my tea when I saw that bustle! ROFL!

    Otherwise, it's a cute dress. :-)

    1. The dress itself is rather lovely. There is definitely a hustle in that bustle though....

  2. When I saw the first photos, I couldn't WAIT to see what you wrote. The bustle just looks too ridiculous to even be believable. Love your blog.

    1. Every time I see the photo of the pillow bustle, the only song going through my head is "Baby got back".

  3. Makes me cringe when I see those waists hanging out. All they need to do is look at the fashion prints.
    And OMG that butt! Did they not look at it after they stuffed it in?

    1. According to Ebay sellers, the bustle was longer lived than the corset! Existing from the 18th C well into the 20th C, and not just a couple of decades. /facepalm