Saturday, September 30, 2017

Red 1920's Dress with bugle beads and gold lace inserts

From the seller:

This pretty 1920's dress is made from a heavy silk crepe in a dark rose shade. It's beaded with clear seed and bugle beads, there's metallic gold lace godets around the skirt. It snaps on the shoulder and down one side. It has a 1/2 dime size frayed hole in the skirt, some tarnish on the lace, missing or loose beads, scattered light spots on the bodice, some snaps missing or need to be secured. Fabric is sturdy and could be worn. It measures 37 inches around the bust, waist is 35, hips 43 and is 42 inches long.

From Me:

As some of you may be following, I'm in Italy now! I'm currently typing this with a cat on my lap and a pup at my feet. :-)

This is a rather interesting mix of materials. I'm all over the crepe with the bugle beads but I'm not sure about the gold lace inserts. I think it makes it look a bit off. Still, a neat part of fashion history!


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