Monday, May 28, 2018

Light Colored 1890's Day Dress

From the seller:


A regal 1890's satin 2 PIECE walking suit, having a high necked beaded trimmed collar and and wonderful large puffed sleeves.

Recently de-accessioned from the Metropolitan museum of Art in New York City. The gown still retains it's original Museum ID catalog string tag and sewn in tags.

No designer label.
The bodice is accented with cream colored sheer organdy with black leaves design, found on collar, front insert and on sleeves. The bodice is lined with white silk and with 13 covered whale bone baleen stays and has front hook and loop closure.

The skirt closes by hooks and loops at the back and is poor/fair condition. Its silk lining has a added wide net lace dust ruffle at hem. Inside of skirt has ties to adjust fullness bustle effect. The hem has a wire inserted around perimeter added for fullness at base. The back is accented with a large satin bow and the skirt is gathered into numerous pleats that makes for a nice fall.

Condition: The outfit is in fair/good condition for its age. The bodice lining has begun to shred. No underarm staining. The organdy has begun to split.

The skirt lining is in the beginnings of shredding. The outside satin of skirt has begun to split in one area as seen in last photos. Two small water stains in front from my iron spitting.


Jacket: Bust: 35", Waist: 32", Across back shoulders seam to seam 12",
Shoulder to jacket hem: 46",
Sleeve length: 23" with cuff turned up. Shoulder to bodice hem 18", Shoulder to hem front 58", Shoulder to hem back
Skirt: Waist 31-1/2",
Front length 40-1/2",
Back length 44-1/2".

A truly grand outfit. A great display outfit and worthy of repair. Antique clothing should not be worn

From Me:

I think it's a couple years later than the seller believes - mostly due to the ribbons on the shoulders which were popular later. Really, the next time I see some of that fabulous summer scarf making material, I might consider it for a dress like this instead. :-)


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