Monday, February 27, 2023

Pretty Purple Polka Dot, Late Edwardian


From the seller:

Antique Victorian Purple Silk Charmeuse Polka Dot Dress Lace.

Beautiful antique 1800s purple silk satin polka dot gown with puff cape/gigot sleeves, high lace neck with embroidered appliqu├ęs, and full long bustle skirt. Hook and eye enclosures.

Pit to pit 18”

Waist 32”

Sleeve length 23.5”

Back length 57.5”

Great condition. Needs a repair to front skirt, where there is a hole- see pictures. Light discoloration at lace at front could likely be removed with professional treatment. A few tiny spots and a few tiny pinholes, neither visible when wearing. Sturdy, 100% wearable and presents beautifully.

From Me:

Hello!  I'm going to try and start this back now that I have a semi normal job again.  

So....I have zero clue why the seller thinks this is in any way or shape "Wearable".  There is a huge freakin' hole in the skirt!  You can see the seller's hand through it!  Even if you aren't one for preserving history to allow the next generation to enjoy, you should have some sense of "hmmm, this is already shattering.  Maybe I shouldn't wear it and make it shatter more while on me?"  This is just being a rational human being?

Anyway, the dress itself is late Edwardian.  About 1908/1909.

1909 Fashion Plate

The short sleeves over more fitted, longer sleeves is a later Edwardian dress trait.  The high lace neckline will all but disappear in a couple more years and is making it's last gasps.   Skirts still have a bit of a train but that too will disappear soon.   

The dress itself is a good example of late Edwardian but, please, never wear it.  It's old.  


  1. Hello Isabella, You are a marvel, the way you analyze these garments with insight and back yourself up with historical references. I collect old photos of buildings, which often have people in front of them, and I am saying to myself all the time that I wish Isabella were here--she could date these photos probably to the hour!

  2. Hi Isabella! I'm so glad to see you're posting again. I enjoy seeing the dresses, and love your comments!

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