Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Gorgeous 1920's Peach and Black Evening Dress

 From the seller:



Antique 1920's Art Deco Flapper Dress, Black Silk with Ecru French Lace, applied Roses with pearls and tiny claw set rhinestones, embroidered silk ribbon leaves on the black silk. The skirt is lined with black silk with a silk chiffon flounce at the bottom. Bodice has a round neckline wirh lace and ribbon roses. Side opening with black snaps. Drop waist with a full skirt. Please see all photos for details. Collector, display or study.

Bust: 34"
Hips: 34"
Length from shoulder:

Condition is good, the silk has damages and is quite delicate, ( small splits & several pin holes), lace has some damages, selling in as found condition. Please see all photos for condition details.

From Me:

I admit, I did bid on this one when it came up.  However, it went way above my max, and with good reason!   This is stunning!  It's in amazing condition for being a century old.  Can you imagine how the rhinestones on this must have sparkled?

1927 Pattern

The v neck, covered in lace, and the fall of the skirt, make me think this is later rather than earlier.  However, it is difficult to tell with the robe de style type gowns.  Either way, this is very much 1920's.  


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