Thursday, March 9, 2023

Black and White Striped Late Victorian/Early Edwardian Outfit


From the seller:

Here is an Antique Edwardian Striped Brocade Floral Silk 2 PC Dress Velvet Trim Yellow BlacK Stripes.   Features metal hook/eye closures down front of blouse with unattached collar ( hook/eye closure on collar). Fully lined with cotton or linen and corset type boning.  Layered Skirt  hangs a little longer in back, has metal hook/eye closure and metal snaps and is fully lined.  Fragile condition with holes, spots and tears all of which I tried to note in photos.  I would say this piece could be displayed or repurposed.  The front of the bodice has been unstitched as if to make bigger so it is a bit awkward but attached with hook/eye closures.  I have made no attempt to clean or repair this piece.  Estate Find.  Please see pictures and e-mail with any questions. Thanks for looking. 

Approx. Measurements taken with garment lying flat: Please compare measurements with a piece of clothing that fits you to get an accurate fit.

Top measurements:

Chest: about 15" across front from underarm to underarm 

Waist:  about 14" across front 

Measures about 16" long from top of shoulder down front to bottom edge of blouse

Sleeve: about 17” long from underarm to edge of velvet trimmed cuff

Shoulder: 9” from shoulder seam to shoulder seam

Skirt measurements:

Waist: 12 1/2" across front

Hips:  about 22" across front

Length:  39" down front to bottom edge from waist and 41" down back to bottom edge from waist

From Me:

The dress is almost certainly from the Turn of the 20th Century.  I think it may have been cut down or pieces from an 1890's outfit as the sleeves show some interesting seams that would make sense if the sleeves originally were bigger than the wearer's head.   

The outfit was clearly meant for an s-bend corset which would keep it in that era as well.  My guess is about 1900-1902.  Very much end of the Victorian, beginning of the Edwardian era.


  1. Hi there! I can't even tell you how happy I am that you're blogging again!
    I reference your website all the time for research, and direct others to this blog pretty often.

  2. So happy you're back! Use this blog all the time to research before starting a new historical dress. Thank you for the hard work

  3. I'm a new follower yet an old follower lol I followed you back in the early 2000's so happy to find you again!

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  5. Efectivamente tienes toda la razón, este parece un traje de la época victoriana, de los que se usaban en Inglaterra sobre el año mil ochocientos noventa, al mismo le faltaría el sombrero, pues este tipo de vestidos siempre llevaban un sombrero a juego.

  6. Hello! Just a little correction; they are called "straight front corset", not "s-bent corsets". The thing is, a straight front corset helped to achieve an s-bent silhouette, but the corsets were very straight at the front (i've got some bibliography id be glad to share on that)

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