Wednesday, June 13, 2012

1940's Bikini!

From the seller:

A drop dead 1940's vintage pinup swimsuit with a yellow/gold satin stripe. The skirt has inserted jersey cotton panties and the halter top is lined in the same fabric. The skirt has side button closures.

VINTAGE ~~ 1940's


FABRIC ~ ~~ ~ cotton & rayon

MEASUREMENTS ~~ Skirt - 14" from the top of the waistband to the hem in the center, 12 1/2" length from waist to the side of the hemline, 25" waist. Halter top about a 36", maybe a B cup?

CONDITION ~~ You can see in some of the photos that there's some specks/spots on both the top and the skirt. Hopefully with a good soak they'll come out? Otherwise this glamorous 40's vintage swimsuit is in great vintage condition.

From Me:

Normally, I wouldn't consider posting something this late but this is just too cute and too rare not to be posted.


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