Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Late 18th Century Looking Shoes

From the seller:

Very beautiful antique french pair shoes.
Realized handmade, rust silk velvet with
amazing antique gold metallic embroidery and cream beads .
I note smalls damage, foresee repair trim

( old paper in shoes)

It's very antiques shoes
size : 10"

Below, the base is changed.

It's rare and unique model for collector.
Origine, castle south of France

From Me:

My guess is about the 1780's for these. Check out the embroidery on them!


  1. 1870s or 80s. The square cut between heel and sole, the construction method, and the square/round toe shape all point to the Victorian copying of 18th c. styles.

    1. Is it possible the original heels where broken off and new ones were added? The embroidery is very 18th C - granted, they could have just taken some 18th C fabric to cover the shoes- but the lasts look straight. Maybe they took a pair of Regnecy slippers and added the heel? It just looks very odd even for a Victorian Costume piece.

  2. You would have to rip off the old heels (including part of the sole and the glued heel cover. Re-stitching them would be nearly impossible and very ugly- you would need scrap fabric to cover the new heels. Straight lasts continued into the 20th century and were still very common until 1880s. It's just a matter of whether the shoe was hand-made or machine manufactured. Being hand-made (clearly high-class) would mean the cost wouldn't have dropped, so the shoemaker probably was still trying to save money by using old straight lasts and only needing one rather than two. And it's definitely built for that heel height. Close to this shape: http://eng.shoe-icons.com/collection/object.htm?id=2623
    Similar embroidery: http://eng.shoe-icons.com/collection/object.htm?id=1053
    And just in case this copy isn't 18th c. looking enough:http://eng.shoe-icons.com/collection/object.htm?id=1519

    1. The master of the CW shoe shop recently went to a European museum and made a study of their shoes. About a third of their "18th century" were late 19th! History is trying to sabotage us all!

    2. Darn Victorians and their super pretty party outfits! ;-) BTW, I saw the new interns arrived yesterday. :-D

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