Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween, 1920's style!

From the seller:

This is a vintage taffeta and organza 1920's 1930's woman's Halloween witch costume. It is amazing and in such beautiful condition. These costumes are quite rare and so very hard to find.
This dress consist of black taffeta which is embellished with organza orange flowers around the skirt, full collar that can be worn up or down and a silk rope that crosses the bust line and ties at the back of the waist. The underlining is the blouse of orange organza fabric which closes with eye hooks and snaps.
There is a long bib type tail that hangs down the front from the blouse. I am not quite sure how this attaches to the rest of the dress but it doesn't take away from the look or how the dress fits.

Label: The Mitchell Dress

Condition: I would have to say good to excellent. The dress is definitely in wearable condition. There are a few pin hole spots here and there on the taffeta but not noticeable unless you are looking for them. The organza is in amazing condition with only one area that I can see, which is under the left armpit where I see some fabric separation. (view photo) This is a very small area and I believe can be reinforced. Other than that this costume dress is in amazing condition for it's age and again quite a rare find.


Taffeta Dress:

Bust- 38"
Waist- 28"
Hips- free
Bodice- 16"
Length- 43" (shoulder to hemline)
Collar width- 7.50"
Armhole Opening- 19"

Orange Organza Lining:

Bust- 38"
Waist- 26"
Shoulder to shoulder- 15"
Bodice- 16" (shoulder to waist)
Sleeve length- 12.50"
Sleeve opening - 12" around
Armhole opening- 16.50" around

From Me:

1920's Halloween

I've been obsessed with 1920's Halloween costumes lately. They are either just too cute or just too weird to our eyes. I hope everyone had a frightfully delightful Halloween - I had to go to class (grad school) so I didn't get to do much more than dress up today.


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    1. Some of the 1920's outfits are pretty wacky for Halloween (why would you make a dress out of crepe paper?!?) but this one is terribly cute.