Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Perfect Autumn Dress

From the seller:

In very good preowned condition. This is made of silk twill that is still in good shape and wearable.
From examining this dress, it looks to have been originally made in the early 1880s and restyled in the late 1880s - 1891-ish. The seamstress did an excellent job.

There are some wear areas (under 1 arm), small spot on skirt, and an area of light fade near it. Under both lapels there is some missing buttons. Please check all photos.

Bodice Bust 40, waist 34.

Skirt waist 34.

We take returns if not satisfied.

From Me:

This dress was for a plump lady. Remember always, the measurements are meant to be over a corset. She would have been about a size 14 today.

1885 Fashion Plate

Based on the bodice design and the skirt pleating, I think it's from the middle of the 1880's.

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