Wednesday, February 15, 2017

1920's Silver Coat with White Fur Collar

From the seller:

Extraordinary 1920s cocoon opera or evening coat with wide fur (white fox?) lapels to the collar. Pagoda sleeves trimmed at cuffs with fur. Gorgeous silver lamé. No closures. Classic flapper shape and silhouette. Collar can be worn popped if desired! Lined in blue-grey velvet.  Long shawl with claps for decoration and closure. Very good, wearable condition. Only a few little holes, one on the backside of the coat, one on one sleeve und a few on the shawl. The fur looks a little bit dusty. You’ll barely notice! A beautiful historic piece. The decoration is not included.
Shoulders: ~ 16"
Length: ~ 41"

From Me:

I found a whole bunch more photos of the coat off of Antique Gown that are way better.

It's clearly the same room so I'm not sure why the seller put up the not so great photos on ebay. Very much a lovely 1920's coat. How's you like to wear something like that out this winter?

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