Sunday, February 12, 2017

Men's 18th Century Frock Coat with Embroidery

From the seller:

RARE Gents French Green Silk Embroidered Court Coat ca 1750 - 1775

Please Scroll Down For More Photos and Description

This gorgeous gents coat is made from a sage green silk and is heavily embroidered in ploychrome silk floss. It has a stand up collar, oversized pockets under a deep scalloped flaps, back pleats, elaborate embroidery, and a wool and linen lining. A few very minor spots or stains, minor holes in the wool lining De-accessioned from the Met. Museum of Art. It measures 36 inches around the chest, across the back shoulder is 16, sleeve is 23 and it's 45 inches long. Excellent condition and a real beauty to add to a collection.

From Me:

First, my apologies for not posting over the past almost three weeks. My computer went into meltdown (I was curious what that plastic-y burning smell was...) and I had to get a new one. I wasn't able to get the new one to work at first because of an adaptar issue with the monitor. Then I had to Frankenstein the new computer a bit, add my old hard drive, and now - finally- I have a decent, reliable computer...that may have processing power up to 4.0ghz and 4tb of hard drive space.....

The frock coat: The embroidered frock coat was a popular theme in the late 18th century and, really, for court wear, well up into the 19th Century. Based on the cut of this one, I think it's more 1780's than 1770's.


  1. Wondered where you were, though I just figured it was the yearly blarrgh everyone gets this time of year! You have to remember, when you see the magic smoke come out the electronical things have died. And smell always worries me, even if it's new. I am jealous of your terabytes, too, something I never thought I'd say. I'm using a laptop and currently eyeing a bigger one and a dedicated extra hard drive for it to back up on.

    1. Go for the extra hard drive. Even when I wasn't sure the internal HDD was salvageable, I wasn't overly worried - I had the external hard drive. I just backed it up two months prior and use the external hard drive for school so the only thing I was missing were a couple of months worth of pictures. :-)

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