Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Monochorme Natural Form Day Dress

From the seller:

In fair - good preowned condition. Stain at bottom of jacket, back of jacket needs repair, hole near neckline.

Jacket - Bust 33.5, waist 28, hip 44.

Skirt - waist 26, hip free

From Me:

Although this is a simpler style, it's anything but boring. The dress looks to be wool and the weave itself is interesting. It looks like, at first, that the warp threads are white and black but with the black about every two or three warp thread. However, the polka dots show that isn't entirely the case. The trim at the edge of the dress (and on the skirt above the ruffles) is used more as a hem tape but to the outside. It was sewn, the wrong way, along the edge, and then folded up and sewn down against the material so it would show but also hide the raw edge. You can easily see the machine stitching on it in one of the photos. Based on the look of it, I'm pretty sure this was a lady's home made dress rather than a professionally made or catalogue bought dress.

1878 Fashion Plate
1878 Fashion Plate


  1. I love this dress!

    I think the fabric was called Knickerbocker cloth. At least, I found a description in an early-1860s magazine that sounds much like it.

    Paletots of a widely-different description have appeared, made in the new Knickerbocker cloth, a dark, rough-looking material, speckled over with white, as if small flakes of snow had fallen on a garden bed.
    The What-Not, February 1863

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