Friday, March 31, 2017

Edwardian Day Dress in Brown

From the seller:

Two piece afternoon dress, ca. 1897. Made of rusty brown velvet corduroy with yellow stripes. High inset lace dickey. Black net trim with cream and gold embroidery. Cut steel on gold metal buckle. Little train of the skirt. Very good condition. Only the fabric beneath the lace is worn on a few places. The jacket edge show worn. The decoration is not included.
Bust: ~ 33"
Waist: ~ 24"
Front Length: ~ 54"
Back Length: ~ 64"

From Me:

I really think this is an older lady's dress and that it's from a bit later than the seller thinks. This was a hard one to date because I can see why the seller thinks it is late 1890's. However, 1897, still had a bit of the crazy 1890's sleeve left, which this doesn't have at all.  Instead, look at how the waist is pleated to look like a full dress belted.  Notice how flat the front of the skirt is and how much volume is towards the back.

This one is from 1909.

1909 Fashion Plate

Although you start to see the waistlines go up in 1908, many ladies were still wearing outfits at the natural waist going into 1910.  The above fashion plate, the pink dress shows the flat front with the waistline gathered.   

1909 Fashion Plate
The above fashion plate makes the whole flat front with pleats on the sides and volume to the back much clearer.  

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