Sunday, March 26, 2017

Late Victorian Turn of the Century Yellow Dress

From the seller:
Fanciful and extraordinary yellow silk trained gown with off-white fine net ruffles. The ruffles are made of a fine netting. They are applied on a white braid and then sewn onto the gown Bodice and cuffs have an inner lining of gold lame. Gold lame belt with two ornamental buckles. The material is in excellent condition as it's built on a cotton lining. Yellow velvet thin ribbons highlight the bodice. This antique outfit is in quite excellent condition. Only the inner lining of gold lame it’s darkened. Darker areas on the backside of the bodice. May be the ornamental buckles are newer. The decoration is not included.
Waist: ~ 24"
Bust: ~ 30"
Front Length: ~ 58"
Back Length: ~ 66"

From Me:

This is so frilly, so feminine, and yet so scandalous at the same time it's really amazing to look at. Why scandalous? Check out that neckline. See the sheer neck? See how low that sheer bit dips in the front? It's meant to look like it's covering everything when, really, it's sheer as sheer can be.

1899 Fashion Plate


  1. I love this one! I was puzzled by the color combination - gray and yellow - until I realized the gray is the dress form underneath. That is some sheer fabric!

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