Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gorgeous Edwardian Walking Suit

Skirt Detail

Waist Band detail

Skirt detail

Jacket Detail

Back of the outfit

Outfit front detail

Outfit Front

From the seller:

What a classic white linen suit this is ! I have been told that this is from the Mizner era ( WW1 -1920's Palm Beach Florida ) but I suspect it is earlier. If any one can date this more accurately, I'd love to know. It has quite a bit of hand embroidery on the collar, sleeves two front pannels back and two skirt pannels. The buttons are all hand embroidered. The belt comes high above the waist and has the original belt loops. The skirt has a center pannel with a larger wrap around pannel that is embroidered on the sides. The bottom has a wide addition that is part of the design element, as are the curved pannels. This has both hand and machine sewing. The waist is only 18" wide. The waist has been taken in several times but there is planty of room to let it out.. The skirt has a double snap closure. Length 34 1/2"

The jacket has turn up curved cuffs .There is embroidery on both sides of the collar ,front, sleeves and across and down both sides of the back beneath the belt. Length from back collar to hem 28",bust 37" sleeve 21" Condition. I thought I saw a few tiny holes, one where the collar attaches to the jacket.and two on the skirt front ( they are really small ). There is several , obvious,areas of climate stains. All the butons have climate stains. The waist band has been taken in in several places. It could use a few stitches around the collar and cuffs..The belt needs to be restitched. Questions - please ask.

International shipping. I won't know the cost until I know where it is going. I will give you several options so please do not pay until I adjust the shipping accordingly.

I have added more photos as requested. Please note that I have remeasured the waist and it is 21" the skirt hem is 43". The two tiny holes can be seen in photo 8.along with some of the climate stains. The other hole is where the collar attaches to the suit. This item has been washed but I did not use bleach. The climate stains are dark brown particularly along fold lines. I do not recommend using bleach but would suggest consulting with someone knowledgeable in restoration of vintage clothing. This item is being sold AS Is.

From Me:

Downton Abbey called. The girls are already fighting over this frock. ;-)

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