Saturday, December 10, 2016

Edwardian White Day Dress

From the seller:

Antique two piece white linen dress
1. antique original not reproduction, 1890-1900
2. very nice condition
3. fine woven linen
4. hand embroidered design on top and skirt
5. design embroidered on collar and all around cuffs
6. blouse has hidden button on right side
7. skirt snaps in back also hidden on left side
8. no holes, not torn, no rot, small spot top back
9. underarms are good
10. collar shows some light wear on neck edge
11. blouse has ties around the waist to adjust the gathers in the front and back
12. pigeon front can be adjusted to flat
13. skirt may have been shortened and let down, very faint lines from machine stitching
1. neck 12 in.
2. sleeves 21 in.
3. across shoulders 14 in.
4. bust 38 in.
5.length 22 in.
6. waist on skirt 22 in.
7. hips skirt 40 in.
8. skirt length 42 in.

From Me:

Well, I'm pretty sure most people here will immediately recognize that this is not 1890's. The fitted sleeves and the pigeon front with the embroidery loosely remind me of this dress at the MET although this one is much, much simpler.


  1. This one is simple enough to tempt me to make it -- a first for the Edwardian period. :-)

    1. You could probably even find some similar embroidered pieces from China or in your local thrift store in the form of table linens. :-)