Friday, December 30, 2016

Teen's Era Brassiere

From Sarah:

My mother just gave me an old "bra". It may be meant more as a negligee item. Wedding most likely. The lace appears to be all hand work and it's very delicate. If you'd like to include it in your blog, please do. And I can send measures or more photos if you like.

FYI, the band of vertical lace (or whatever it would be called) looks to be a faded light blue but that's just a guess.

From Me:

Hi Sarah! Sarah is one of the poor people that puts up with my constant chatter and ridiculousness at work. As she can attest, I am very good at earworms and will happily publish out to everyone exactly what song I'm either thinking about or listening to to share in the horribleness. :-D

This brassiere is fabulous for a lot of reasons. If it is light blue, that would make a lot of sense for a wedding (the whole something blue). The tatting lace at the top of the brassiere is lovely. The styling is more in line with the Teen's Era - or even late Edwardian because of how the gathers are around the cotton base.

Some other examples from roughly the same time period:
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1915-1925 Brassiere with a print at MFA
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1917 Brassiere

1918 Undies Advertisement
1918 Undies Advertisement

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