Saturday, December 10, 2016

Men's Colorful Waistcoat

From the seller:

1870s From France men's silk brocade vest in amazingly vibrant color. The brocade is in vibrant green teal, red blue and green. The buttons have a grape motif on the front and have been colored to match the color of the brocade pattern into which they are placed. By that I meat the top button is tinted red to coincide with the red of the flowers behind it. The second button green and the last three a very deep blue to match the background. The back of the waist coat is a chocolate brown glazed cotton with matching fabric Martingale. Lined in a white fine wool that has many moth holes. A little fraying to threads on the back of the neck. Other than that remarkable condition. Truly museum quality.
SIZE: CH-38, SH-15, LNG-21

From Me:

1850 Fashion Plate

The print was just too colorful and crazy to me to look 1870's. Also, the style seemed too long - much more late 1840's/early 1850's.

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