Friday, December 30, 2016

Late 1930's Blue Velvet Gown

From the seller:

Vintage Blue Velvet Lace Collared Dress

Beautiful little dress with a button up front, puff sleeves and lace collar. Measures bust 34 inch, waist 28 inches. Fastens with a zip at the side. Beautiful detailing

The seams have come apart in a few places- easily sewn back together. The (silk, I think) velvet is fairly fragile and has torn in a few places near the seams- it needs some tape on the back to fix it. I didn't notice this until I examined it for listing, and I haven't attempted to mend the dress. It has been priced accordingly. Still great shape for its age. The velvet is super soft and supple.

From Me:
1937 Fashion Pattern from What-I-Found

I am in love with this dress. Very much late 1930's in style but look at those gathers! Or that cute lace detail!

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