Thursday, January 26, 2017

Late Victorian and Late Edwardian Undergarments!

From the seller:

Slip #1 (left in photo)-Victorian, waist-24", bust-40", skirt-39" long, double lace flounce measures 17" wide, 3-button back with 3 hook and eye, 7 gore skirt adds fullness to skirt without added bulk, the front and sides of skirt are not gathered, back of skirt is softly gathered, bodice is very full at bust with a scoop neckline and shoulder bands would sit lower on the shoulder or upper arm
Slip #2 (right in photo)-Edwardian, empire waist-26", bust-40", hips-44", skirt from empire waist to hem-40" long, flounce measures 14" wide, 3 hook and eye back closure, broderie anglaise lace bodice and flounce, square neckline

From Me:

The one thing I have trouble with is making pretty undergarments for my gowns. This is why I love the second petticoat slip so much! Look, she used the petticoat hemming to make the bodice! And then left over lace for the straps! So easy and yet so lovely.

The Victorian one is very much 1890's (all that lace!). The Edwardian one is late Edwardian going into early Teens era.


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