Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Late 1890's Blouse

From the seller:

This is an estate found vintage 1800's Fine Hand Made Floral Embroidered Women's Shirt / Dress Top. It has no manufactures or makers tags / markings. It measures 15" wide from shoulder to shoulder, 23" long from shoulder to end of the sleeve, and 15" long from top of shoulder to bottom of waist band. It is in excellent used condition with some wear, light staining, fraying and small holes / tears in spots. It has no mothing, repairs or heavy staining. It has wonderful floral embroidering as well(see pics). This piece was purchased from a local estate who's family were original owners. AS IS, Good for whole or restoration!!!

From Me:

I really really like that trim. This is a very late 1890's blouse, given the sleeves.

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  1. I recently bought a similar bodice on ebay, and in good condition. My first thought was 1880s because of the gathered inset on the front, but then someone pointed out because of the separate lace vest and lace undersleeves it was most likely Edwardian. I hope to do a blog on it and another bodice I have for study.
    Keep up the good work. Its very educational for me.