Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Turn of the Century Dress

From the seller:

Beautiful pale dove gray silk pongee ballgown features a "Gibson Girl" profile with pigeon front, and bustled skirt (sorry, don't have a bustle to give that profile) The bodice neckline is open and extends out to the shoulders, with a 3" wide ruffle of lace circling the neckline. THe sleeves are two full poufs with a ruched band in the middle and extend to the elbow. The bodice is gathered around the neckline and waist to give the full profile. A gathered cumberbund circles the waist coming to a point in the center front and featuring three rosettes at the center back. A wide band of corded and ruched trim circles the neckline, below the waist, and between the two ruffles of the skirt, which is bordered at the hemline by three horizontal pleats. The bodice has a 25" waist and 35" bust, is 12" long in the back and measures 13" between shoulder seams in the back. THe skirt is 23 in the waist and is 41" long in the front and 51" long in the back.

The dress was fully lined in weighted silk which has completely shattered. It has been removed from the skirt and is paratially removed from the bodice. All of the stays are still intact and a skilled dressmaker could reline the bodice. It is usable for display and is a great collection piece. It has little other condition issues with some soiling around the hemilne where it has swept the floor. This dress is not wearable in its present condition, and has been priced accordingly.

From Me:

This is a very lovely example of a very late 1890's dress. Of course, no bustle would have been worn - it would have been worn with an S-shape corset.


  1. As one costumer to another, I love your blog. You have an award waiting for you on mine.