Thursday, December 19, 2013

1870's Cream (Puff) dress

From the seller:

A richly decorated 1880’s light gold satin two piece bustle evening dress. The bodice has side drapery and a long bustle back. The neckline and sleeves cuffs are adorned with white and mother of pearl beading. The front of the bodice has a ruched panel. The neckline, ruched panel and sleeve cuffs are trimmed with blonde lace. The bodice has a hidden front button closure. It is lined with cotton. The skirt has layers of pleating intermingled with layers of blonde lace. The skirt is lined with cotton and buckram. The dress is in very good condition. There are circles of light underarm discoloration and some scattered breaks in the lace mostly around the back neckline. There is no color variations just shadows created by the camera flash. A beautiful display dress. Bust 24 Waist 25 Skirt length 41.

From Me:

Okay, that front pleating down to the tip of the bodice is completely insane. The square neckline, 3/4 length sleeves, and the waist are all more common in the 1870's. I'm thinking about 1876 for this dress.

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  1. This is a yum-yum gorgeous dress! But waaaay too fussy to go on my Make-it list. ;-)