Saturday, December 14, 2013

1880's Summer Bodice

From the seller:

Up for auction is this elegant museum de-accessioned Antique Edwardian Broderie Anglaise lace blouse bodice. Beautiful construction with tails on the back of the blouse and detailed buttons. Intricate whitework and cutwork. Very Good Condition!


Measurements are taken in
inches while item is laid flat

Length: 20.50 inches
Chest: 17.00 inches
Waist: 13.00 inches

From Me:

What I love about this is the construction. I have a ton of that embroidered edged fabric and now I know what to do with it!:-)

So, why 1880's and not Edwardian? The first clue is that tail. The second is how far the bodice extends of the hips. Neither are a sign of the Edwardian style (pigeon fronts), but very common in the bustle era.


  1. I've got some of that fabric hidden away... in white. The only thing I could think to do with it was a petticoat. :-)

    I wonder where they got Edwardian. Everything about it looks 1880s. Maybe it's the lace?

    1. I'm not sure. This particular seller had a lot of Victorian stuff labeled Edwardian and Edwardian stuff labeled Victorian. It might have been the lace - I think we all commonly associate this style of fabric with the summer afternoon dresses of the late Edwardian/early Teens era. ...which is what that type of fabric is very good for as well.