Saturday, December 28, 2013

Early Romantic Era Hat

From the seller:

Victorian ca 1850-60's Civil War Era Bonnet / Calash

This mid 1800's Victorian bonnet is made from a brown and tan striped silk, it has wood cane ribs around the brim, and plaid silk bow and ties. It's lined in a tan glazed cotton. The ties are shattered and it has some very minor shattering in a few spots on the outside of the bonnet, but overall in very good condition.

From Me:

This bonnet is a good 20 years older (at least!) than the seller believes. See the funny bun pocket at the back of the head that sticks up above the head? Very common in the 1820's/1830's. That pocket disappears in the 1840's because the hairstyles become more subdued. Ie, you weren't trying to stick your hair in unnatural positions anymore. Seriously, go check out some of the 1830's hairstyles - they are ridiculous!

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