Sunday, February 2, 2014

Late 1860s Green Dress (?)

From the seller:

Edwardian Day Dress Gown actually worn in Avon, CT.

Extremely sought after color.

Repaired to wearable condition.

bust 36"

waist 24"

hips -

front skirt length 44"

back length 57.5"

From shoulder to bottom of cropped waistcoat 16.5"

hem circumference - 132"

From Me:

The hem seems a bit narrow but not horribly. It's clearly not Edwardian. I'm thinking 1867 or thereabout.


  1. Where did the seller get the idea that this was Edwardian?!?

    1. I think a lot of sellers know *nothing* about historical clothing. I've seen a lot of sellers declare everything Victorian - even when it clearly isn't. This one wants to declare everything Edwardian - maybe because of the sucess of Downton Abbey and adding "Edwardian" as a keyword? I'm not sure.

    2. I think you're right about that... funny thing being that Downton Abbey isn't even set in the Edwardian era at all (teens and now 20s).

    3. The Edwardian Era is hard to define. Some say it was only 1901 to 1910 - the time King Edward VII was on the throne. Others put it at 1901-1914 - ending with outbreak of WWI. A few put it as late as 1918 - the end of WWI and when the changes to society really began. I tend to go as late as 1912 myself - "Titanic Era".