Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Turn of the Century Undies!

From the seller:

Vintage eyelet culotte petticoat slip

very interesting piece
divided skirt split in middle
but only attached at inside leg seams for 5 inches
would allow you to wear with culottes but not have to take the whole thing off to use the bathroom
soft fabric
large eyelet design in V shape front and back
and 7" deep on legs
edges on bodice and legs can accomodate ribbon woven into them
drawstring waist
back opening has 3 buttons covered with a placket
and one small button below waist in the back
a bit of damage on shoulder seams
otherwise no holes or stains, etc.
bust measures 36"
waist 27" but can be gathered in to make smaller
leg length 26"

From Me:

I'm very tempted to tell an inside joke when I see these - the only problem is the only people who would get it were all my fellow campers at summer camp back last century. :-)

Based on how low the eyelet lace is, I'm thinking 1906 or so.

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