Friday, August 26, 2016

Early 20th Century Collection of Ladies Clothing

From the seller:

I've decided to part with my oldest, proudest collection. It is truly the end of an era.

Note that these pieces are approaching/around 100 years old so they are in no way "perfect". Some have small tears and the dress has some discoloration. I am a 34c-d, 27"-28" waist and they all fit me ok with a little room to spare. The dress is an extra large. The worst damage can be found on one garment(see last two photos) where the fabric has given along the seams. The rest are regular stains that came with age. Most should come off with a good soak. The dress has noticeable discoloration on the lower sides. The tabard has the most delicate lace embroidery and I just adore it. No returns. Handle with care as fabrics are delicate

From Me:

The Orange Dress is most likely 1920's but it's hard to tell based on the one image.

The short sleeved blouse with the delicate embroidery is Teen's Era.

The swirly lace covered jacket is so very 1930's.  That peplum plus the sleeves scream 1930's.

The pigeon front blouse is, of course, Edwardian as is the lace collar one.

The dickey is from the Teen's Era.

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