Friday, August 26, 2016

Late Victorian Day Dress in Black and White

From the seller:

Alright folks!! This is the real deal here! Not a reproduction!!! This is 100% wool material with velvet trim. The skirt is 2 piece, with the underskirt made out of a crape type material. The waist band of the underskirt was not complete when I bought it, so I added a elastic waist band in the waist material. The top is also period, with boned front, pleated sides, sweat pads in the arm pits and all hook and eyes. This is a wearable size people, just keep in mind it is over a hundred years old. Bust would be about a 32 or 34. Waist is about a 26-28. Lenght is 40. Would fit a modern size 6. The material is not frail as of yet, but will not stand alot of straining at the seams to tear them out so be careful if you try to wear it.

From Me:

Remember, that's a modern size 6 without a corset. With a corset, it's more of a modern size 8 or so.

1890's Fashion Plate
This is Turn of the Century - most likely 1898/1899. 

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