Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fabulous Condition Health Corset

From the seller:

Sehr seltenes Leinen-Mieder um 1900/20 mit Glasknöpfen
Zustand mit Altersspuren. Ungereinigter Fund!
Passend bei Gr. 38/40
Länge: 47 cm (Träger verstellbar)
Breite unter den Armen: 39 cm

Gern beantworten wir Ihre Fragen oder senden weitere Detailfotos.

Google translation:

Very rare linen bodice to 1900/20 with glass knobs
Condition with signs of age. Uncleaned Find!
Modern Size 38/40
Length: 47 cm (adjustable straps)
Width under the arms: 39 cm

We are happy to answer your questions or send more detailed photos.

From Me:

I remember a lady emailing me about this one but I can't find the email. Sorry! It is a lovely example of a health corset and very similar to this one at the V&A museum.

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