Friday, August 26, 2016

Teen's Era Summer Party Dress

From the seller:

1910s Great dress too bad it is in such bad shape! Ivory satin under a layer of kind of dingy silk Georgette. The Georgette does have some holes. Over the Georgette is a flounce of pink silk with sash, pouf and large bow at the center back. The pouf in front came all undone, thread rotted, so I straight pined it back in as well as I could remember it looking. The lace is very delicate and is used on top of the Georgette and under as an in-between bodice layer. Stains on the pink silk as well. The dress is not any way shape or form in the best of conditions. Spots, stains, rips and rotted stitching But is it an amazing example of the period great for study.
SIZE: B-34, W-26, H-38, SH-14, SL-17, LNG-50

From Me:

1915 Fashion Plate

I am in love with this dress. The silly bow, the colors, the frouffy skirt - I just adore it!

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