Friday, August 26, 2016

The Teen's Era Dress that is sure to brighten anyone's day!

From the seller:

dress Edwardian yellow stripe satin lace pigeon front antique original 1890-1900
Antique original yellow satin and lace Edwardian ladies dress
1. antique not reproduction
2. late 1800s to early 1900s
3. real Titanic look
4. over all very nice condition
5. small 1/2 in tear in lace on one sleeve 1in., easy fix
6. hidden hooks and eyes and snaps, all there, none missing
7. not torn, no other holes, no rot, underarms are good
8. under shirt of net with net lace over
9. white real silk attached petticoat
10. most of this is hand stitched, sewing machine used on long skirt seams
11. two small spots on top, see photo
12. a few maybe 6 small pin holes in near the waist not noticeable
13. wide waist band inside with adjustable laces
1. across shoulders 16 in.
2. bust 38 in.
3. waist 30 in.
4. sleeves 12 in.
5. length from shoulder 50 in.
6. around the bottom 96 in.
This dress is sturdy and could be worn
First class shipping in US

From Me:

Never, ever, EVER wear a dress this old! This dress is 100 years old! First, the seller clearly doesn't know anything about fashion history at all - I'd love to know how the Edwardian period started a good ten years before Edward was on the throne and how the seller thinks that a dress like this looks anything like the Leg o Mutton fashion of the 1890's. Second, since, clearly, the seller knows NOTHING about fashion history, it's also reasonable to assume they are just selling this from Grandma's attic. Third, anything that is 100 years old, that has been stored away for at least 90 of those 100 years, may look sturdy, but that does not mean it is. The fibers degrade over time. Just mailing it can have crazy effects on the fibers. In other words, don't wear antique clothing. Ever.

That being said - I'm surprised by the sizing. It's most likely from someone who gave up the corset. It's from about 1916 - the way the sides are cut are very indicative of that.

1916 Fashion Plate

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