Monday, January 2, 2017

Late 1860's Purple Bodice with Embroidery

From the seller:

Purple linen type material jacket with drop shoulders and small coin pocket on the left side. This is a very early interesting piece. At some time someone tried to modernize this piece. Example is one sleeve is full and wide, other sleeve has been sewn to make it narrow. Same in the back. (Would be interesting to see this jacket unpicked)
White embroidery, a couple of areas need tidying up. Six (6) purple bows (one shows wear) down the front, with 4 hook and eye waist closure (one eye needs to be replaced) A few holes and a few marks. wear/hole under the R arm.

I think this is in fair condition for the age.


Shoulder to shoulder 17"

Armpit to armpit 15"

Front shoulder to hem 18"

Back shoulder to hem 21"

waist 22"

From Me:
...Why you would unpick a bodice that is 150 years old is simply beyond me. /headdesk

The sleeve style is indicative that this was an American Civil War era dress that was then taken in and never completely changed over to the higher bust styles of the late 1860's (probably about 1868). This ballgown has a similar waist line going on.

1867 Fashion Plate


  1. I just wanted to thank you so much for this blog! It is just fabulous; I'm not a regular follower, but I do pop on here when I'm researching to see what you've saved. Could you help me out with dating this dress? I super love it, but would like some input on a more specific date range.

    1. The 1800-1810 date is pretty good. The best I could really do, since it's already narrowed down to a decade, is guess that it was more towards the middle. Here are some fashion plates from 1806 with similar bust lines:

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