Monday, May 29, 2017

Early 20th Century Pink Petticoat

From the seller:

This is a darling pink cotton Edwardian petticoat. Insert lace is set in criss-crossing, diagonal designs, framing graceful, hand embroidered panels. The edges are shaped, also trimmed with lace edging.
There is a ruffle underneath the flounce, with fabric covered buttons all the way around at the top, right underneath what I always thought was a horizontal slot for a ribbon to be threaded through. You can see these in the 3rd pic.
Not sure what would have been attached here, perhaps something that was supposed to be threaded through the slots and held on with the button.
Anyway, it's 26 1/2" at the waist, 32" long.
In good condition. The button is missing in back, there are a couple of brownish spots, a 1/4" L-shaped tear, you should be able to see this in the pic. There is also a tear to the placket that holds the hook and eye, not visible, of course, when the petticoat is buttoned.
There is a 3 1/2" seam separation to the plain section, near the top of the waist. There are a couple of 1" seam separations where the lace is pulling away from the fabric. There is one 3" tear to the fabric, two other, 1/2" holes next to it, along the bottom edge right above the lace ruffle. There are two other half inch stressed areas to the fabric near the hem, a 2" area where there is some lace missing, also along the edge. There is a line of fading to the pink where it looks as if a tuck was taken down.
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From Me:

This could be either Edwardian or Teen's era. The neat thing about this is it appears that the buttons might have been used to hold a dress in place. Layers were all the rage in the late Edwardian/early teens with the ruffles of the petticoat peaking out beneath the dresses.
1913 Fashion Plate

Although the above are evening gowns, the day dresses weren't that dissimilar in the idea of shorter overdresses with an underskirt peaking out. The buttons could keep the shorter overdress in place without it riding it up.


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  2. Looking at pattern magazines, there are a lot of 1910s patterns for petticoats with detachable flounces, so you could have a petticoat that matched your dress without needing multiple complete petticoats.