Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Stunning Edwardian Dinner Dress WARNING: PICTURE OVERLOAD!!!

From the seller:

There is just so much to write about these pieces, I could go on for hours... but I'll let the photos speak for themselves. An exceptional composition from lace, tulle, velvet, rhinestones and beads. Label on the bodice inner waistband (petersham): “Robes & Lingerie * Marc Walter * 3 Place Vendome * Paris”. His immediate neighbours were: Doucet, Beer, Worth. Rightly as this dress shows. The dress is in excellent condition. Only the silk lining is torn in some places. But it's rare to find those that aren't all torn up. The decoration is not included.
Bust: ~ 36"
Waist: ~ 27"
Skirt Length: ~ 58" (back measure)
Bodice Length: ~ 16" (back measure)

From Me:

I went to the webpage where this dress can also be found for the much larger and more numerous photos.  I want to make sure that if anyone wants to recreate this beauty, they can.  The pictures are from Antique Dress which I'm sure most of you know about.

I think this dress is slightly before 1904, more likely 1904. This is based on the sleeves. The fitted at the shoulders but voluminous at the cuff, then gathered into the fitted cuff look (known as the bishop sleeve) was very popular in 1902 and almost completely disappeared in 1903.

1902 Fashion Plate


  1. What a beauty! If only he would make me one. ;)

    1. The more detail shots show the fabulous embroidery on this gown. It still is quite the show stopper!

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