Saturday, May 27, 2017

Late Victorian Yellow and Black Bodice with Star of David (?) Buttons

From the seller:

Vintage Victorian Edwardian Bodice ORNATE Fancy VGC XS Lace  DETAILS

Yellow satin trim with black lace to front bodice and lapel/collar piece; yellow satin with ruffles to cuffs
pleated bib with black lace bow/boning, standing collar
3 goldtone steel cut buttons
Bust 32"
Shoulder width 12"
Sleeves 24"
Length 15"
  Waist 22"

From Me:

I'm very curious if the Star of David was intentional or if it was just a design element. It would be very cool if it was intentional rather than just a pretty design. I don't think there is really a way to find out without any idea of the provenance of the item.

1899 Fashion Plate

Looking at the sleeves of the extant bodice, there appears to be a slight amount of "puff" to the sleeves still - popular in the Turn of the Century. My guess is about 1899 or so.


  1. Wow! and it didn't sell for $74? I would have bought that for studying. I love black and yellow together, and that's really interesting with the black lace over yellow trimming. *whimper*

    1. Most of the bodices on ebay tend to go for only a fraction of what a full outfit would go for. I normally can buy a bodice for about $20 to $30 from the Edwardian era. I even have an 18th C English Gown bodice - where the skirt was ripped off- for about $80 at the time, I think.

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